Tuesday, February 7, 2012

School and then the Kings… Day 1178 07FEB12

For the second day in a row this week Joshua plowed into his school work and got a bunch finished. He worked until the middle of the afternoon and just after he got finished we got an email offering us tickets to go see the Bolts play the  LA Kings tonight so we jumped on the chance. Renee had to work the game so we took care of dinner and such and then headed off to the rink. Our seats were at the very tip top of the forum but were right behind the Kings net so we had a great view of the action on the ice. The Bolts ultimately lost but we enjoyed watching them try and beat LA. We met up with Renee afterwards and she took Joshua with her and I got to share the ride home with Jarrod. It was a fun evening and we don't mind a little re-arranging to accommodate free hockey tickets :)

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Kimber Moore said...

Hello Joshua and family!
Thank you for sharing your story with our school friends! I have been reading your past posts... and I am so impressed with your courage and strength! So happy that your treatment is almost finished... and happier days are ahead! Smiles to you! Mrs. Moore