Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Land of lost dreams again… Day 656 31AUG10

Joshua and Renee left early to head for the day hospital. He went to get prepped  and accessed for his bone marrow aspiration. Jarrod and I stayed home for a bit so Jarrod could get some school work done before we headed to the hospital as well. We arrived in time to wait for a while for his procedure to begin. Like way too many times before we watched as Joshua slipped off to the land of lost dreams with a little flutter of his eyes and a soft sigh. I don't know where he goes in his mind when he is under the influence of the"milk" as he calls it but I hope it is a happier place than the world he lives in every day. He took exactly 19.7 seconds to fall asleep, he asked us to time it, and a little over 40 minutes to wake back up. Waiting for him to come back has always been hard on me. The bone marrow aspiration went well and the sample was sent off to the lab. We will not have results until probably Thursday. He was pretty good for the rest of the day other than his hip hurting him. He spent the evening on the heating pad to help it feel better. So now we wait for results and hope for the best.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Moving… Day 655 30AUG10

Joshua and Renee left early to head for the clinic, I got a little breakfast and headed over to Jamie and Christian's to help them get moved. They are leaving apartment life and have rented a cute little place in Clearwater. The move went really well and we got it all done early this afternoon and with only one trip. Now they get to spend a few days sorting out where things go and how arrange the furniture which is always the fun part of a move. Jarrod was a big help and he worked quite hard. Allie and the furry kids will now have a real bona fide yard to romp around in! I am sure that they will enjoy it immensely.

Renee called while we were unloading the truck to tell me that Joshua's ANC was only 376 and that he had some numbers on his CNC that were elevated that aren't supposed to be. He will have his chemo suspended for the third week in a row. He got accessed and received vincristine today along with his monthly pentmadine treatment for his lungs. Dr. Ross-bach told Renee he wanted to do a bone marrow aspiration to rule out anything too utterly frightening to think about. So tomorrow we will watch them put our baby to sleep yet one more time and he will get bone marrow drawn from his hip for testing. It will probably take a few days for the results to come back which means our sleeplessness will at least be brief. The original plan was to wait a week and then do it which would have meant a full seven days for the monsters in our heads to roam freely and with abandon. The upside is that it is probably nothing, as it has been before, and is merely another ditch in the road filled with alligators that we must wade through.

Oh, did I mention that he also started prednisone again today :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rest day… Day 654 29AUG10

Today we rested. Joshua and Jarrod came home right about lunch time and they played inside with DJ. Later in the afternoon the kids showed up with Miss Allie. She is walking like crazy and can move large distances in the span of a single blink. Jarrod and Joshua love playing with her and we just love having her around. They stayed for dinner which was a treat to have everyone around the table. Jarod went home with them to spend the night and get up early in the morning to help them begin moving into a house they have rented. Christian and Jamie decided it was high time to have a back yard and a little more space for their family. Renee and I will go over tomorrow after clinic to help as well. All in all it was a fun and restful day.

Night out… Day 653 28AUG10

Joshua had a fun afternoon with Taylor and Avery who he wanted to come over and play with him. He and Taylor played Bakugon and Avery had fun with Renee on the xBox among other things. Not long after the boys left to spend the night with Grandma and pa since Renee and I had a wedding reception to attend over in St. Pete. We had a great night out on the town with some good friends and the reception was a lot of fun to. Going to be pretty tired tomorrow but it isn't often we get a night out together so we'll take it with a smile. Thanks Stephanie for a lovely dinner :)  

Friday, August 27, 2010

Perogies… Day 652 27AUG10

I was gone all day at a photo shoot, the kids and Renee had a full and fun day. This morning they went to the local public library to meet Jarrod's new science teacher and get some books. The boys love looking around the library's shelves for interesting things to read or watch. For their afternoon's entertainment they journeyed over to Wojtek's house for a play date and a chance for Renee to learn how to make perogies from a master. She texted me several pictures of their handiwork and they looked delicious. Hope they are a few left for me to try :) When I got home Joshua couldn't wait to show me the Star Wars books he found at the library which included, according to him, plans for a real light saber. He is convinced that if I really try I can build either a light saber, a small spaceship, or an AT-AT walker out in the garage. We had a lot of fun talking about the different possibilities although I don't expect to begin construction anytime soon. We are rather short on space for a spaceship, which would be required to find the crystals for the light saber which as I read it in the book will detonate upon activation if the crystals are not properly and delicately aligned the first time. I think we will stick to squirrel feeders for the time being thank you. Although… a light saber would be really cool...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Still trying… Day 651 26AUG10

We are reassessing our school plans for Joshua right now. He only lasted for a little bit this morning and came home with Renee when she left his classroom. We are not exactly sure how we will proceed from this point but I am confident we will figure out what will be the very best solution for Joshua. In all likelihood it will be some kind of hybrid arrangement. More to come on that front.

The web address link for the interview with Renee last night is here. It was a really good interview and who knows what will come of it. We can dream…

Joshua was feeling a little better today although he felt a little hot tonight when he was leaning up against me while we were watching an episode of Top Gear. He felt normal not too much later so it may have just been a little temperature fluctuation. He seems to be doing that a lot lately. Tomorrow he will stay home and Monday it is back to clinic to see if his counts have recovered and determine if he can restart his chemo.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trying to get back to school… Day 650 25AUG10

Joshua decided not to return to school today. Yesterday was really just too much for him to handle right off the bat. After lots of discussion we are going to start him back a little slower with only halfish days for a bit until he can get more comfortable. He is dealing with a lot of emotions inside that he hasn't really shared with us before. We are going to do our best to help him navigate through what he is feeling and find ways to help him cope better. It breaks my heart to realize how scared he must really feel and I am awed at how bravely he puts a smile on his face every day and keeps moving forward.

While I was at work this afternoon I got a call from Renee telling me that Liane had managed to get a reporter from Channel 13 interested in our story and that he was headed over to the house to shoot an interview this evening. They are doing a story on how hardship has affected homeowners and wanted an emotional interview. Renee was happy to do it and from what I heard it went well. It will have aired by the time you read this but may be on their website to view. I will check and post details if I find any. Who knows what might become from our story being told.  We will keep our collective fingers crossed and hope for something amazing. Joshua really wants to keep his house.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to school… Day 649 24AUG10

Joshua got up and headed off to his first day back at school this morning. He was not very happy about going and was having a lot of anxiety about it. Renee wound up staying with him at school for a while before leaving to come home. I waited for him to get home so I could see how his day went and he seemed like it went okay. He knows a couple of his classmates from kindergarten and it generally seemed like he had an okay time. It is very difficult to understand what he is thinking and feeling about reintegrating into school but we know that he is anxious and that of course makes us concerned. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that we are already a little paranoid about the whole "public" thing and it just gets messy.

We will see how tomorrow goes, it would be nice if we could figure out a way to ease him back into school but that is a difficult one to figure out.The school is designed to educate children, not take care of cancer kids so we will have to continue to be his advocates and keep on top of what is happening and how his needs are being dealt with. Heres hoping for a better tomorrow...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Clinic and open house… Day 648 23AUG10

Joshua got up and headed off to clinic with Renee while JArrod and I got breakfast and prepared to tackle researching the Anasazi people for his history class. Renee called later to tell me that on the day before Joshua is set to start back to school his ANC is a whopping 736. Low enough by just a smidgen that he will get yet another week off of chemo. He has to hit 750 before he will get chemo again. Not exactly what we wanted to hear. If he is still low next week they are going to test him for a genetic trait that could affect his ability to metabolize the 6MP that he takes. His face is still rather irritated but seems to be doing better after Renee put some cocoa butter in it. At least he smells nice :) Before dinner we all headed up to the school to meet his new teachers and see his classroom. The teachers all seem very nice and he has a separate desk in each classroom and his own non-communal supplies. Joshua then proceeded to visit each and every teacher from his previous years at school. They were all really glad to have him back. We made it through one day of school last year so if we make it through Wednesday this time we are already ahead of the previous record. Joshua knows that he is in charge on his own health and I am sure he will take charge of taking care of himself. I meanwhile will chew on my fingernails and hope for the best…

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Play time with Taylor and Avery… Day 647 22AUG10

Joshua got up this morning and started getting stuff together to go over and play with Taylor and Avery at Renee's parents. Jarrod decided to tag along so we had the morning pretty much to ourselves which gave us time to clean house, get the yard mowed, etc… Joshua came home right after lunch because the skin on his face was bothering him again. He has had very dry skin and a rash on and off for a while. Sometimes like today it gets irritated and he is not a happy camper. We are not sure if it is a result of one of his chemo drugs interacting with something or if he has developed an allergy to something. He managed to do okay all afternoon and we had fun playing checkers and just hanging out together. Jarrod came home at dinner time and then we all watched a movie together before sending the kids off to slumber. Clinic in the morning so we have our fingers crossed that his counts have returned to a better level and maybe we can figure out what is going on with his skin.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wet and fun day… Day 646 21AUG10

We spent the entire day away from home today. First stop was the Children's Cancer Center back to school party  at Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz. They had a huge water slide area set up, lots of great food, bags of school supplies, and the nicest volunteers anywhere. We got a chance to hang out with a bunch of our cancer family members and the kids had a great time. It rained on and off but that didn't slow them down at all. They were already wet so it just made it more fun. After a fun mid-day we headed over to Nate and Tiffany's house to spend the afternoon and evening with them along with Ania, Lucask, and Wojtek. We snacked and talked for a while before heading to the pool to cool off before dinner. Nate cooked up some great chicken on the grill and we proceeded to stuff ourselves and then some. The rest of the evening the kids played and we sat around the table and enjoyed each others company. We were all pretty tired when we got home tonight but it was a good tired that comes from a full day. Joshua is still running just a little above normal on his temperature so we will keep an eye on him. Monday is clinic day so we will see how he is dong then.

Friday, August 20, 2010

IVIG Blues… Day 645 20AUG10

Joshua got his IVIG infusion today. Another day spent walking around with a portable IV pump and getting his vitals checked frequently. Carolyn, his nurse, was wonderful as usual on her monthly visit. He did okay but was really having the IVIG blues this afternoon and evening. It really made him tired and just generally unhappy. Renee cooked a nice pot of corned beef and cabbage for dinner and her parents came over to eat and visit for a bit. Joshua perked up a bit after dinner and he was feeling much better by bedtime. Just another day for him on his cancer roller coaster.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

LLS… Day 644 19AUG10

Joshua spent today playing with his brother and DJ after they got done with their school work. The real fun started this evening with the wrap up event for the Man and Woman of the Year. We went to the Palm restaurant and had snackie doos and mingled for a while before the presentation started. We got to see lots of familiar faces from the campaign and visit for a bit. Joshua got a gift bag with a miniature copy of the bill board he was on.  Erin and Justin, the winners, had their portraits added to the wall of the restaurant along with many famous celebrities both local and national. It was a nice outing. We left and scooted up four blocks to the Children's Cancer Center for Thursday Family night. It was a nice evening being with our extended family and sharing how things have been going. We have two of our kids who are only weeks away from being done with treatment which is a wonderful thing. We also got to welcome a new family to our fold. It is a poignant moment when you meet a newly diagnosed family and see the fear in their eyes, the uncertainty, and the hopefulness that we once had in our own eyes. It is a great comfort to me to be able to offer some help and understanding at a level that only those who live this life can offer. We all travel different paths on the cancer road yet we all travel the same road together.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to normal… Day 643 18AUG10

Joshua had a rather normal day and his temperature stayed where it belongs. We are not sure what is causing the weird fluctuations but will continue to keep watch. I was gone most of the day but understand that Joshua took a ride on his bike with his brother and had a little wreck which required Renee to go pick him up and when he got home within a short span of time was already back outside playing. Fast healer that one :) Tomorrow we have school for Jarrod and then tomorrow night we are supposed to attend a wrap up dinner for the LLS Man and Woman of the Year campaign. We met so many wonderful people during the campaign and it will be nice to see them all again.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Watching again… Day 642 17AUG10

Joshua pulled another thermostat malfunction this evening while I was at work. I got a text from Renee that said his temp was 99.3 and going up. He was outside playing and the ever vigilant Jarrod noticed he was looking kind of pale so he sent him in to get his temperature checked. Jarrod is always looking out for and after his little brother. After a few rises up to 100.0 his temperature decided to fix itself and when he went to bed it was back down to normal. A rising temp awakens a lumbering beast in our minds and it does not quiet down all that quickly. So we will remain hyper-vigilant for a few more days and hope that when clinic rolls around next Monday his counts are back up where they belong.

The earlier parts of the day were absolutely normal and average. Just like any other day with Jarrod doing school and Joshua trying to find ways to make as much noise as he can to distract his brother without getting in trouble for it :)

Christian is doing okay and was feeling all right when I talked to him earlier today. He has yet to pass his kidney stone so that is still looming on the horizon but they gave his some pretty strong pain meds so I think he will be okay.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Double whammy… Day 641 16AUG10

Joshua headed off for clinic this morning while Jarrod and I stayed home so he could get his school work done. Everything was pretty normal until Renee called to say that Joshua's ANC was 396… which is a monumental slide from last week. So low in fact that the Doctor suspended all of his chemo for the week. We are not sure what the cause is, he has been feeling fine and acting like nothing is wrong. Maybe his body is just rebelling against the idea of school starting next week. Whatever the reason we will keep a close watch on his temperature and make sure he comes into contact with as few germs as possible.

Right after Renee got home she got a call from Jamie that she was taking Christian to the hospital in agonizing pain. Renee hopped in the car and headed over to Clearwater, which is an hour and a half away, to be with Christian and help Jamie with Miss Allie. After a few scary potential causes the doctors found that he has a kidney stone 2mm in diameter. He will pass it okay, well probably not "OK". I  am sure he will be amazed at how much discomfort something so small will be able to cause. They gave him some pretty strong pain meds and sent him back on his way late this afternoon.

Renee made it home for a late dinner and a quiet evening with the family. What a crazy day. We were definitely not expecting either of those surprises. But life has a funny way of keeping us on our toes and making sure our crisis handling skills stay sharp. Here's hoping the rest of the week is quite a bit slower…

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boys are back… Day 640 15AUG10

The boys finally decided to come home late this afternoon. They had a great time with Christian, Jamie, and Allie. They played video games, went swimming, stayed up late, all the things that make staying with your older brother a blast. We were glad to see everyone and had a lot of fun watching Miss Allie motor around the house. Her balance is improving daily and running is surely just around the corner for her. Tomorrow is back to "normal" with a visit to the clinic and school for Jarrod.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quiet house… Day 639 14AUG10

 Renee and I spent the day doing a bunch of different things. This morning we went to Sams to get a few things and then came home for a bit. I put new brakes on my car this afternoon while Renee packed stuff in the living room. She went to church with her parents and I ran to the grocery store and then cooked dinner. We spent the evening watching a movie and then headed off to bed. A nice, quiet, peaceful day… We can't wait for the kids to get back :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Schnitzel and swimming… Day 638 13AUG10

Jarod and I left together this morning to go and meet my dad for lunch at a new German bistro he found. Jarrod had never tried German cuisine before but he found out that he is a new fan of schnitzel. The food was great and the company even better. It is really fun to have three generations sitting at a small cafe table laughing and enjoying a great meal together. I left for work stuffed and Jarrod and my dad headed home. While all this was happening Joshua was enjoying a great swim with his friend Carly. Renee said they stayed int the pool for three hours straight. Amazing that they both didn't turn into prunes.

 As I was leaving work this evening I called Renee to see if she had dropped Joshua off at my dad's house yet. Jamie was supposed to come over and get the boys so they can spend the weekend over at the kid's house. She was just about to arrive as was Jamie so we all wound up meeting over at my dad's for dinner. Allie was her ever cute self and is walking, albeit like Godzilla razing Tokyo, all over the place. She even managed to pin Joshua down while she tried to get the phone away from him.

We had a wonderful evening and then we all headed to our respective domiciles for the night. Renee and I will have a quiet house for the next day or so and I am sure the boys will wear themselves out having fun over at Jamie and Christian's.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back home again… Day 637 12AUG10

Joshua stayed over at Taylor and Avery's until this afternoon. I asked him how his visit was tonight and he told me he had a lot of fun and didd all kinds of neat things. I am glad that he got a chance to get out and be a "normal" kid. It is hard to estimate how difficult it is on him not being able to do just the simple carefree things that all the other kids do without thought. Cancer is insidious and it quietly steals away chunks of his childhood. I am thankful that for now he is feeling well and his counts are such that he can be a true child. Tomorrow Joshua will get the treat of being the only child at home, Jarrod is riding in with me to do some stuff with my dad. I know he will enjoy being one on one with Renee.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sleepover… Day 636 11AUG10

Joshua stayed at home this morning playing quietly while Jarrod worked on school stuff. He pulled a muscle in his rib cage last night and it was still bothering him a bit this morning but he seems to be on the mend. After lunch he headed over to Taylor and Avery's to play and wound up spending the night. I a glad that his counts are high enough to let him do fun stuff and I am sure he will have a wonderful time hanging out with his cousins. I am looking forward to hearing about it tomorrow night when I see him again. Until then the house will be a little too quiet again :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to normal… Day 635 10AUG10

Today was a back to normal day for the family. Jarrod did his school work this morning while Joshua went over and played with Taylor and Avery at grandma's house. When afternoon hit we all trundled off to the Children's Cancer Center for tutoring. Joshua did good at tutoring and was working on his multiplication tables. He told me he got up to the seven's when I got home tonight. The rains made travel a little challenging for all of us but we each made it to all our destinations without encountering any problems. Joshua has been feeling fine and whatever had been messing with his stomach seems to have fled the country.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Leave breakfast behind… Day 634 09AUG10

Renee had a doctor's appointment this morning so it was just us guys. We got a quick breakfast and then headed off for the clinic for labs. Joshua wasn't feeling very well during the trio and right after we walked into the clinic he told me his tummy hurt. We headed to the bathroom where he promptly left breakfast behind. Amazing that so much can come out of something so small. We got him cleaned up and then Dr. Ross-Bach decided to get him to drink something and wait an hour to see if his stomach settled down. In the meantime he got his finger stick and they sent his blood off for labs. As soon as his finger was bandaged up he ran off to the play area where we always wait for results. He was fine from that moment forward. No more tummy problems and his  counts are fantastic due to his round of steroids. We waited the assigned hour and then headed home. Whatever it was it must have stayed in the bathroom at the clinic as he has been fine all day. The rest of the afternoon was normal and as quiet as it gets around here. We had dinner and then Jarrod and I got a little wii golf in before the boys headed of to bed. I am hoping that whatever gremlin has been roaming around in Joshua's stomach has been banished and will not return anymore.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tired and a little bored… Day 633 08AUG10

Joshua was sore today in his hip bone. It is the same spot that has bothered him since he got diagnosed and it comes and goes depending on his chemo. Today it was acting up especially this evening. Strange to see an eight year old laying on the couch with a heating pad and groaning when he gets up. Unfortunately not so strange here in our house. He has been pretty bored lately and can't seem to find anything to keep him happy for very long. Luckily his cousins were in the neighborhood and decided to come over for a bit. He had a fun afternoon with Taylor and Avery they are always fun to have around and man are they growing fast. Jarrod left early afternoon to spend some time baking with my dad over at his house. Joshua took it easy this evening and I am hoping he gets a good nights rest. We have clinic in the morning to check counts, fingers crossed that it is still holding steady.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Much better… Day 632 07AUG10

Joshua was much better today. He made it through the night nice and cool and his stomach pains have subsided. I think we are going to write this one off to a combination of chemo side effects and bad food choices. He had a normal breakfast and then we headed off to check on our friend's dogs and then jump in the pool. We had a blast swimming and would have stayed longer if the weather had been willing to cooperate. The afternoon rains gave us a chance to play a few games and hang out together at home. After dinner I took the boys back up to get some more swim time in. Joshua was full of energy and he is back to his old self which is a great relief for all of us. So this time we stayed at home which means all the treatments are helping and Joshua is good and strong. I like it like this :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Watching… Day 631 06AUG10

Joshua got up today and headed off to check out the Bucs training facility for a little bit. I picked him up just after lunch and he seemed to have had a good time but his ankle was bothering him. He and Jarrod came to work with me for a bit until my dad could get by to pick them up for the afternoon. When I arrived at his house after work Joshua was not feeling very well. His stomach was hurting and he thought he might throw up. It seemed to subside after a bit so he tried eating a little and drinking some water. He was very clingy and was leaning against when I noticed he was quite warm so I took his temperature. It was 100.4. Not quite time to call but real close. Renee and I decided I would wait at my dad's for 30 minutes and re-check his temp while she packed at home just in case as my dad's is much closer to the hospital. At the 30 minute mark his temp had dropped to 100.2 so I bundled him and his brother into the car and we headed home. Joshua kept saying that he did not feel good all the way home. He was visibly upset at the thought of maybe having to go back in the hospital. When Renee checked him after we got in his temp was back to normal and his stomach has been steady and not getting worse. She gave him some zofran to knock out the nausea and it worked.  So tonight we are watching and on hold waiting to see if it is just a side effect of chemo this week or if he is fighting off something he may have been exposed to.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Testing… Day 630 05AUG10

Joshua left early this morning to get some more neurological testing up by USF. This is the continuation of the testing he started last month and will help us establish a baseline for future reference among other things. While he was getting tested Renee took Jarrod to the pediatrician for his annual check up. He passed. They came back home for a bit before heading out to meet me at the Children's Cancer Center for family night. This is the first time I have been able to go for quite a while since I had a Thursday night class to teach last semester. It was really good to get back. I miss our extended family and the strength and support they provide. Just siting at the table while we eat and sharing stories is wonderfully therapeutic. We had a nice time and headed home a little late with all of us a lot tired. Tomorrow is another busy day for all and once again Renee and Joshua have to get an early start. Joshua is going to attend a day training camp with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the morning which he has been looking forward to. I hope he gets some pictures while he is there to share.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tadpole… Day 629 04AUG10

Joshua is doing okay today, a little less in the mist. He spent the morning playing while Jarrod got busy with school, he is already starting a few of his virtual classes this week. This afternoon while I was off teaching the boys and Renee headed over to Lisha's house for a bunch of swimming and then went out and had a nice dinner. Jarrod is going to be dog sitting for them for the next few days and he got a chance to meet his new friends. They didn't get home until after 9 and Joshua was already sound asleep  by the time I managed to make it to the house. From all accounts I heard it was a fun day and the boys are looking forward to swimming again the next chance they get. Maybe we should start checking them for gills…

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rainy with a little fog… Day 628 03AUG10

Joshua was up at sunrise thanks to the steroids. He can't sleep and insomnia is a big issue for him during a steroids cycle. He hung out with Renee for a bit until she had to leave for a Doctors appointment. The door had no sooner shut than he came bounding in and woke me up. I got up and it was when I ask him what he wanted for breakfast that I noticed the fog had rolled in. Tuesday's are difficult for Joshua because of the methotrexate he takes on Mondays. It almost always makes him very tired and quite foggy. It is hard to watch him struggle to complete a thought or work out what he wants to eat but it is something we have had to get used to.

The rest of the mooring passed without much going on and before we knew it was time to head to the Children's Cancer Center for tutoring. Well, tutoring didn't work out today. Joshua was just too fogged out and tired to even have a chance of getting anything done so we called it and they headed for home while I slogged off to work for the evening.

I am hoping that the fog has cleared in the morning and that we both get a little bit more sleep :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

The boy king returns… Day 627 02AUG10

We got up early this morning got a bite of breakfast and then jumped in the car. It was smooth sailing up to Camp Boggy Creek and we were number four in line to get in. After we parked we got a ride over to where Joshua and his stuff were waiting. The camp is nothing short of wonderful with fantastic facilities and really nice staffers. Joshua was thrilled to see us and we all got a great big hug. He had so much fun I can not even begin to relate it all. He played, sang, ate, did all kinds of crazy activities and had a grand time. His favorite thing was riding in the corvette, wood shop, swimming, and riding horses. He also received secret agent training but we are not allowed to talk about that…

We had a nice drive back and instead of going home we headed straight to the clinic. Joshua was due for labs, to get his port accessed for his vincristine and pentamadine treatment. It was a full afternoon. We were all pretty beat by the time we finally straggled into the house. The rest of the afternoon and evening was pretty laid back and the noise level is finally back to normal :) We are thrilled that he had such a great time and finally got a chance to go to Boggy Creek. We missed him a bunch and it is a good feeling to have the whole family back under the same roof.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jamie and Allie… Day 626 01AUG10

We had visitors today! Jamie and Allie came over this morning to hang out with us. Allie is just adorable and is so close to walking she just needs to want to walk and she will be motoring all over the place. We had a great time being with them and it was a fun afternoon. Allie is growing so fast it is amazing, she continues to gain skills and teeth faster than we can count.

Tomorrow we will get up early and drive up to Eustis to pick up Joshua at camp. We are all excited about hearing how his week went and we have all missed having him around. I am sure he had a wonderful time and will regale us with stories the entire journey back.