Saturday, November 20, 2010

Extra child… Day 737 20NOV10

We had a fun time today visiting with family. My dad came over for a bit to deliver some nice vegetables and see everyone. Not long after Jamie, Christian, and Miss Allie showed up as well. We had a nice visit with my dad and al the grandkids. After he left we got a bite of lunch and then headed up to Saint Ann's for their fall festival. The boys and Jamie rode the rides while we watched and helped keep an eye on Allie. We got back home and played hockey outside for a while before dinner. We even got Jamie playing along with us. Jamie and Christian headed home after that leaving the adorable Allie with us for the night. We had a nice dinner and then all cuddled up to watch the Lighting game. They won! Joshua was pleased. Allie finally couldn't stay awake any longer and fell asleep in Renee's arms. Let's just hope she stays that way all night ;)

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Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Sounds like it was a marvelous day all around! Great news about the Lightning. You certainly are their lucky charm.

Have fun with the Princess this morning.

Keep kickin butt Mighy Warrior. You are my Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,