Sunday, September 11, 2011

Busy social calendar… Day 1030 11SEP11

Joshua had a packed calendar today. He left early this morning to go to church with Trent and stayed afterwards to play. Jarrod and I picked him up at lunchtime on the way to the rink for our Sunday afternoon skate. We have fun skating although Joshua started to get really tired and said he was hungry, I asked him what he had for lunch and he said "nothing". Apparently there wasn't anything to eat that he liked so like always he just didn't eat. Well a quick trip to the snack bar and a grilled cheese and chips and he was right as rain again. I asked him to let me now ahead of time if he hadn't eaten in the future so we can avoid him getting all worn out. I am looking forward to the days after chemo ends when he will not be such a picky eater anymore.

As we left the rink he had instructions to call Carly since she had called earlier in the day to see if Joshua could come over and play so he gave her a call and we headed over to her house to drop him off. Those two have so much fun together, he didn't even say goodbye to me and Jarrod, they just wandered off to play.

Jarrod and I headed home to hang out together since Renee was in Lakeland attending a music recital for Yan's big sister. We had a nice time and grilled some pork chops along with making a nice salad for dinner. Tummies full we relaxed and waited for everyone else to get home. Renee came home a short while later but we didn't see Joshua again until after dark. He had a marvelous time swimming and playing with his friend. A busy day for sure but one filled with the important things in life.

Tomorrow is a clinic day for labs and it will net the boys a day off from school, both of them were so disappointed :)

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