Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting better… Day 1033 14SEP11

Joshua did better at school today and got several lessons finished up. The methotrexate thankfully has less of an effect on his brain as the week wears on.

After lunch it was time to take Jarrod to the dentist for a check up. He did really well and had no cavities at all :) They also took out a spacer that he has had in his mouth since he was much smaller. He got it from the dentist and is going to put it in with his fossil collection :)

After they got back it was business as usual for the rest of the evening until I received an interesting call from Renee at work. She called to tell me that there was a cat in our house. A cat that wasn't ours. It showed up on the doorstep and when she was trying to give it some food and water it walked into the house and made itself at home. Hobie didn't even acknowledge that their was any competition around. When I arrived home he was on the front porch having a drink of water. If he is still here in the morning we are going to try and locate his owners so we can get him back to his house.

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