Monday, March 26, 2012

Being Deported… 26MAR12

Joshua has been doing very well since we last posted, working hard on school and trying to catch up. Last Wednesday Joshua attended the Lightning Clinic for Ice Skating and had a blast. 

This past Saturday he had his first evaluations/tryouts to be on a recreational team for hockey. Jarrod also had his evaluations the same day. Both boys did very well. The teams start to play at the end of April and we will find out in a couple of weeks about their teams. 

With all that going on, we wanted to schedule Joshua’s port removal. We wanted to have it out after his evaluations and before his team started. After talking to the doctors, Joshua will have his port removed tomorrow. This gives him enough recovery time before hockey. He will be sore for about 4 days and unable to do a lot of activity involving his arm for a few weeks but he should be ready for hockey by the end of April. Hockey is all Joshua talks about and its all he wants to be able to do. We are very excited to have Joshua get his dream of being a hockey player. 

Please keep Joshua in your prayers tomorrow and we will post after his surgery.

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Scarlett said...

Hope the surgery went/is going well. I was just thinking about this the other day and wondering when they would be taking it out. What a blessing not to need it anymore!