Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Joshua got Deported!… 26MAR12

Joshua got swept up in an early morning raid and transported to the St. Joseph's holding facility. After waiting several hours to get the paperwork in order he was summarily deported and then given back into our custody for further processing.

To all of us today really signified the end of his treatment, the final step in getting him out of the cancer life and back to being a normal, healthy boy. We have waited a long time to get his port removed and it was a great relief to see the surgeon come out with a smile. 

The surgery went extremely well and only took about 45 minutes to complete. His port and all it's sundry attachments came out without a fuss and nothing decided to stay behind. We walked into recovery to find him wide awake, thirsty, and ready to go get something to eat. We got him checked out of the surgery center and drove him straight to get something to eat before heading home to rest. He is going to be pretty sore for  a few days and will have to take it easy for a couple of weeks while he heals up. Like always he went through it all with a smile and was a great patient for the doctors and nurses. We hope it is a long time before he has to be in that position again.

We will go back to clinic on April 2nd for our first labs after treatment. We will post the good results after we get them ;) Stay tuned...

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Laura and Frank said...

Yay for the "deportation"! that was such a relief when I had mine.
I can only imagine how you feel, Joshua, because you had it for such a long time!

It is so wonderful to know you are doing so well and everyone's lives return to normal. It is fitting you get the lab results a couple days before your birthday!

Love to you all, Miss Laura