Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tomorrow… Day 1209 09MAR12

There are a couple of things I think everyone should know. 

First is that Joshua and our entire family would not have been able to make it through these past 1210 days without this blog and without you, our readers, friends and family reading and posting everyday.

Second, Lee and I started this blog so we could recount everyday that Joshua has been in treatment. We decided early on it  would either be a daily thing or every once in awhile. We decided that our goal was to write everyday so we could make this account of our son’s life into a book for him to keep. With that said, I would like to thank my husband, Joshua’s amazing dad, for holding up our end of the deal and never faltering from it even though he sometimes posted at 1 a.m. or had to walk out into the cold snow up to the main buildings so he could get a signal on his computer. I did get my chance to write every once in awhile but Joshua’s Story is credited completely to Lee.

Now for the hard part... Tomorrow Joshua will take his very last dose of Chemo. This is the day we have been waiting for and thought would never come. It will also be the day that we will stop posting daily, detailing Joshua’s life. Don’t freak out right away. We will still continue to post updates, like clinic visits, etc. but it just won’t be on a day-to- day basis. Lee and I both feel that this is the right time. It will be a time of adjustment for us to step into our new life without cancer. We, as a family, will never lead a “normal” life again but who wants to be normal, right?

I would like to request that all of Joshua’s followers please post a note for Joshua even if you have never posted before, so we can include your thoughts into Joshua’s book. This will always remind him how special he is and how much he was loved and thought of in these past 3 ½ years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping our little boy in your prayers and thinking of him often. He is healthy and Cancer Free!


Jennifer said...

WOW! I can't believe it is over. Josh I am sure that this is a day that you have dreamed of since the first day you heard the word "cancer". It has been a LONG and very hard road for a little man like you to have to travel. You have been in my thoughts and prayers over these years. Each year that we went to Relay for Life, we walked a lap for the survivors (Your grandma, my mother, Larry's grandma) and walked a lap for those currently fighting - that was you. Larry insisted on it. Now you are going to find out what it is like to have a life that isn't defined by the medicine you are taking or the cancer in your body. You are a survivor buddy and no one can take that from you! We love you!!

Jennifer, Billy, Larry, Robert, & Emily.

Laura and Frank said...

The phone rings.. Renee is on the other end and states "Joshua is in the hospital". Heart in her throat, she tells me "Joshua has been diagnosed with Leukemia"... that day was Nov. 14, 2008.

Immediate thoughts of Joshua fill my mind along with the shock of what is happening. Every small moment becomes a big one amplified by "Cancer". Confirming the strength a young child receives and learns from his parents, we all watch the everyday battle and see how Lee and Renee cope and handle all the changes without loosing their way. Large bottles of hand cleaner are everywhere.

Your family is so special to us. Watching Jarrod be the best big brother in the world for his little hero was so important. Home schooling became the norm and how could anyone survive without LEGOS?

All of us cancer survivors must stick together and I can't wait to see you in a purple survivors
t-shirt. The blog has been a wonderful gift and we so appreciate it Lee. It was my first place to go in the morning or the last look at night. Thank you for sharing all the thoughts and moments of the fight.

Now you can recapture some of the private moments without all of us watching from the outside. We love you all and always will. Woo hoo! As your mom says
"Live, Laugh, Love"

Miss Laura and Frank

Jamie(Sister) said...

Joshua Edward Gandy:
I know that I havent written on here in awhile. When Dad first started this Blog. I would make it a point to make sure I wrote on here every single day! But then we had little Miss Allie ;).

You have made us all proud! You are one Strong WARRIOR/FIGHTER!!
I rememeber the day we got "The call" we were actually on our way to your house and we were on The Howard Franklin Bridge. Christian's phone rang and we got the news. Since christian was in his Coast Guard uniform, we turned around and headed home so he could change then we rushed to the hospital.
For me I felt something was wrong on Oct. 31st Halloween. You had been sick off and on for the past Month or so. You were sitting on my lap at the computer and my hand was on your belly. To me your belly felt hard. Come to find out when you went to the doctor a few days later, when you got diagnosed it was a Tumor!! We will never forget that day and the 1209 days after.
You beat it bug!!
Allie can now say " My uncle Josh kicked Cancer's butt!" I cant wait for the day when Allie is in school and she can brag about YOU!! =) I am so proud to be your sister Joshua and to have been able to put a ton of smiles on your face during this horribly long road!! You have the Best Mom, Dad, Family and Friends!
Jarrod: I cant imagine what has been going through your head through all of this buddy. All I can say to you is that WE ARE ALL VERY PROUD OF YOU AS WELL! You have been the best Brother to Joshua and you have brightened up so many sad days for him!!We love you both very much!! You two have helped each other through it all..


Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

I do not know what happened to my earlier post. I signed on a few minutes after Jennifer and remember being a bit bummed that somebody beat me to your blog! But it's okay Jennifer. I appreciate that you have followed Joshua through this ordeal.

Can't remember all I said this morning but this will have to suffice.

I so vividly remember the phone call, your Mom crying and holding onto your Dad in the kitchen, the conference on the deck where they shared the phone call with you, the tears, the confusion and then ... that glorious smile of yours - that smile that said to all the world - I'm okay, I'm gonna beat this! Confusion, packing, phone calls, more confusion, bewilderment, helpless feelings and your were off to the hospital. Uncle Eric and I made it to the hospital in time for the "doctor talk", watched you and Jarrod in the playroom having fun with all the cool stuff ... and then you got settled into your home away from home.

My Mighty little Warrior. My true Champion. You have humbled and amazed all of us through this long journey. Never once did you falter, never once die you complain, you always had a smile, you cracked up the nurses with your antics, your races through the hallways, your 'ownership' of the place. Anniversaries were celebrated in your hospital room. You made the effort to befriend everybody you met, you cheered follow 'prisoners', you delighted the staff. And you humbled every single one of us with your courage.

My sweet Snuggle Monkey. You truly are a Mighty Warrior and a Champion. And so very Blessed by a loving God. May you shine in His circle always.

I send you Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses, and hope you enjoy the very last "Joshua, it's time to take your Chemo" to emanate from your parents mouths.

Long live the Mighty Warrior.


Nonna said...


You have been the unsung hero in this Joshua saga. Always there, always quietly doing what is necessary, never making a fuss, watching over, protecting, nurturing, loving and giving. One could search the world and not come across a more compassionate and caring soul as you. I know your Mom and Dad realize the treasure they have in you. I pray Joshua does.

You are morphing into an incredibly beautiful young man and I am so very proud to call you my Grandson.

Joshua is the Mighty Warrior. You are the Mighty Warrior's Warrior. And never was there a better one.

Tons of Love, Hugs, Kudos and Kisses,


slosh said...

What a great day. I can only imagine the relief and joy you're all feeling as well as the trepidation in moving on the the next chapter of the book, the one that doesn't involve the daily grind of the "C" word.

It was a pleasure getting to know you all and and share in your journey the past few years, through the good days and bad.

Congratulations, you little monster! You fought hard and you WON and I am very proud of you!

Sid - The Seriously Insane Dude

Scarlett said...

Congratulations! YOU DID IT, JOSHUA!!! The Truong family is very proud of you!

I will never forget the day Hayden came home from school to tell me that you were sick and in the hospital. I was very concerned, and when I asked Hayden what was wrong, he couldn't really tell me. He didn't know exactly. All he could remember was that you had to do "some type of therapy". When I heard those words, my heart just dropped. I said, "Hayden, do you mean CHEMOtherapy?" "Yeah! That's it." he said. With tears in my eyes, I stopped right then and asked God to help take care of you and your family as you would go through this journey you have just now completed. We have prayed for you every single day, and I am so happy that these prayers were heard and answered! You are absolutely the toughest kid I know, and you have one amazing family. Crying tears of joy to know that you have all persevered. Praise God!

While I am sad not to be following your daily adventures any longer, I am so excited for you to have new adventures that have nothing to do with medicine or doctors or hospitals or cancer. Congratulations again, and we hope to see you soon! Big HUGS!!!

Scarlett Truong