Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On the mend… Day 459 15FEB10

Joshua's amazing recuperative powers seem to have kicked in. His clinic visit went well with no congestion in his lungs and no delays to his treatment plan. So he got accessed and got his vincristine dose followed by his pentamidine treatment. A quick stop for a little food and he was home early afternoon. His cough is lingering on but his temperature has stayed down.. His ANC was great at 1774, his platelets are down a little at 180 but he is still at a good level. Not the numbers we expected at all but we will sure take them.

We begin another prednisone week today and so far Joshua is doing really well. As time passes he seems better able to control the forces that the steroids set free inside him. He is such a remarkable young man! I often marvel at his strength and fortitude. With luck peace and serenity will rule the week and the steroids will be kept at bay.

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Laura and Frank said...

Hey Buddy, So glad that the levels are high and you didn't have to go to hospital. I know you missed Camp Boggy Creek again, but it will be there. Hope you have a great week.