Friday, February 12, 2010

Third time is not the charm… Day 456 12FEB10

Late last night I was getting ready to go to bed and faintly across the house I heard Joshua cough. Not a normal clearing your throat kind of cough but one that sounded like he was congested.

It was still there when he woke up this morning.

We discussed, we waited a bit, we knew what the decision was going to be before we even started talking about it. We called the camp and let them know that we would not be coming to stay because Joshua was sick. This is the third time we have tried to get him to Boggy Creek and it was just not going to happen this time either. He was okay with it all, sadly he is used to having things change at the last minute.

The weather really socked in for the afternoon with a lot of rain and much colder temps coming through. It wound up being a good day to just stay inside and get things done around the house. In the middle of the afternoon Joshua got a haircut from his mom. He just wanted her to shave his head closer but somehow he wound up looking a little different.

So for this weekend we will be at home, we hope. His temperature was up a bit before he went to bed so who knows where the weekend will find us.


Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Bummer news from your part of the world. But I love the new 'do'.

I am hoping against hope I don't get a call from Mom or Dad to say you've relocated for a few days. Keep it cool and uncongested Mighty Warrior. And keep kickin butt.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Laura and Frank said...

I love the haircut and the avacado tree being planted! It totally sucks that you don't bet to go to Boggy Creek however with the weather being so awful lately it's probably a good thing. Stay warm and get rid of that nasty cough. Love.Laura