Saturday, February 19, 2011

Maine!... Day 826 18FEB11

We made it up to Maine without any problems at all. Matter of fact both of our flights arrived early. The kids are so excited about the snow! It is several feet deep and everywhere. It was rather warm when we got here with temps around 45 or so. As soon as we got to camp the boys immediately got bundled up and charged off into the deepest snow they could find. It was a blast to watch them experience snow for the first time. The verdict? They really like the snow.

Camp is really pretty and our room is quite nice and most importantly snug and warm :) the weekend is full of fun activities and I will get some pictures of thedays activities up Saturday evening if I can get the technical side of things worked out. The weather is forecst to turn off very cold starting Saturday morning with temps below freezing and a windchill well below the zero line. We should also get some more snow either Sunday or Monday which will thrill the boys.

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