Monday, April 25, 2011

Free of the fiberglass curse at last!… Day 892 25APR11

Joshua's foot has finally been freed from its fiberglass wrapper! He was pretty happy to get his cast off once and for all. His ankle looks pretty good and his leg seems no worse for the experience although there is a odd odor of old cheese in the air :-o

Clinic went good this morning and his ANC is back down to a normal, for a cancer kid, 1900. Which hopefully means his chemo dosage change is finally starting to level out in his system. After clinic and the ortho the kids and Renee headed down to Toys-R-us so Joshua could spend a gift card he got for his birthday. While they were there they found a cool hockey puck cannon.

This is Joshua's reaction when I told him (via text) that we would get it for him and Jarrod :-)

Next stop was a visit to my dad's house. Jamie and Christian were there with Miss Allie and they all settled down for lunch and a visit. Afterwards the boys helped my dad with a few projects before heading for home.

Tonight was game 6 of the Bolts playoff match and we were all excited about the game. I made it home for the start of the second period and we cheered them to victory as a family. Joshua was jumping up and down when the final buzzer sounded and they had won. He is really cute to watch while the games are on, he frequently takes breaks to guard the net, which is our front door, while we throw pucks his way. Good thing they are made out of foam :) Go Bolts!

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Jamie(Sister) said...

YAY NO MORE CAST!!!! I bet it feels so weird with it off!
:-) and eww at the smell ;-{. Did you bring "both" shoes this time Joshy.? :-)
Glad to hear clinic went great.
That hockey passer is awesome!!! I can only imagine how much use that thing is going to get!!! :-) Love the look on your face to.....Priceless. Well we love you love bug and will see you guys on our normal Sunday :-)

Ps Jarrod Allie says your name now :-)