Monday, April 11, 2011

Resting up… Day 877 10APR11

Today was just one of those languid days where we all just chose to relax. Joshua and I did practice a little hockey on and off but for the most part he played on the computer and relaxed. I think Joshua has been resting up for the coming week which will be quite a challenge. Monday he goes to clinic, gets accessed, gets vincristine, gets pentam, and starts steroids. Starting Wednesday he will be taking his FCAT exams every day and Friday is another IVIG infusion. Just writing it all down made me tired. His cough is also still hanging around although his temperature has stayed right where it should be. Renee will get him checked out at clinic just to be sure his lungs are clear. We also hit the halfway point with his cast and I can tell he is getting rather tired of having it on. It has definitely curtailed his activities and unfortunately will continue to do so for a while. So our little guy has a tough week ahead to plow through and I know that, like always, he will put his head down and push onward with that unfathomably deep well of strength he has.

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