Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day off?.… Day 547 15MAY10

Renee and I got up rather like normal and had our caffeine and breakfasts of choice. How did we spend our morning with the kids gone? Doing yard work of course. We spent the better part of the day out in the front yard pruning, cutting, chopping, mowing, hauling, stacking, and raking. We did a ton of work and got quite a bit accomplished and were both pleased with the results of our labors.

We rested a bit after we got cleaned up and then got ready to go and  watch Gabriella get baptized. She is the daughter of our friends Chris and Irene. The baptism was held in the Greek Orthodox Church that they attend over in Clearwater. The church itself was quite ornate and beautiful with lovely woodwork and paintings. The service was fascinating and very interesting to watch. We were glad we could be a part of such a special celebration.

 After the service we went over to the kids apartment and picked up Joshua and Jarrod. They had a great time hanging out and got in a bunch of swimming and play time with Miss Allie. I finally got to see Christian's new salt water fish tank and I must say it is pretty cool.

We stopped for a little dinner on the way back and then trudged on home. Needless to say we should all sleep well tonight.


Jamie(Sister) said...

You and Jarrod are becoming quite the Uncles. :-) I can't explain how Much Allie love you two and how she is getting so attatched to you two. :-) There is never a moment that goes by that she doesn't smile at you and Jarrod. :-) Thank you for helping out with her and being such awesome uncles! We love having you guys over!! Anytime!! I love you boys and you're the best!!
We are so proud of Joshua for being so strong and you are such an amazing person love bug.:-)
Jarrod you are so great at helping any one that needs it. :-) I am proud of you for being a wonderful big brother and a
wonderful Uncle to Allie!! :-)
We love you tons and will see you soon.

ps we will wait to get another fish because we want you guys to come with us again and help pick :-) k

Laura and Frank said...

It looksa like everyone had a great time and you can tell Allie loves her uncles and they love her. It's a very special bond that will always be there. I love the Joshua sandwich with Allie smiling on the top and of course Jarrod being the best big brother and uncle! Love you, Miss Laura and Frank

Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Awesome totem big guy! Or is it a sandwich like Miss Laura says? Either way it's a wonderful vision and it's going to keep me smiling all day long.

Tell your Dad I can't wait to hear the details of Gabriella's baptism. The Church looks totally overwhelming.

Have a great day Mighty Warrior and keep kickin butt. You are my Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,