Saturday, May 8, 2010

Whew.… Day 540 08MAY10

Wow! What a busy day we had today. It started this morning when we left the house to attend Taylor's first communion service at St. Stephens. We still had Allie with us so we loaded up all her gear as well s ours and headed to the church. The service was nice and Taylor was very handsome in his tie. We left as soon as the service ended and headed to event # 2 which was Hannah's birthday party in Plant City. It was a great party and we got to spend some great time with The Zink clan. The boys swam and ate and then swam some more. The weather was a little hot but hey that's Florida. Much sooner than the boys liked we had to pack up, change clothes and hit the road for event #3, a fundraiser dinner for the LLS over in Dunedin. It was a long drive over but we made it on time. Joshua was one of the the honored guests along with Madison and the Mayor of Dunedin. We all sat together at a table with Joshua sitting right next to Mayor Eggers and his wife Becky with Madison and her family on the other side.

The dinner was held at the VFW Post 2556 and the members of the post were absolutely wonderful. The food was delicious and we got a chance to meet a bunch of great people. We were honored to be able to help support their fund raising efforts on behalf of the LLS.

 Jamie and Christian came by to pick up Miss Allie. We really enjoyed having her with us all day and showing her off. After that we headed home, another long drive. We were all pretty beat by the time we actually got back and it didn't take long for most of the family, save your resident night owl, to fall fast asleep. Days like today are hectic but we are glad that we can take Joshua to soo many wonderful events and let him be a part.


Laura and Frank said...

What a busy day for all of you. Congratulations again for being one of the best families out their helping to raise funds to kick cancer butt! Joshua and Madison are great role models.

Love to you all, Laura & Frank

Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

You and Madison make a fabulous team. I am so proud of your efforts to raise funds to beat cancer's butt and kick it into outer space!

I don't know where you guys get all your energy though. I stay exhausted just reading about your activities.

Rest up Mighty Warrior. You are my Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,