Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 22 Update - 04DEC08

Joshua had another good day! His WBC is up to 180 as of this morning which is double what it was yesterday. We all hope it continues to climb.

We got a visit today from Deacon Dan from Saint Stephens, he was kind enough say a prayer over Josh and to bring him a great book to read. Joshua says "Hello" to Miss Elaine.

Jamie and Christian came by this evening to hang out and talk with Joshua about what he wants for Christmas.

Joshua's favorite thing to do today... Pull out clumps of his hair whenever anyone came into the room so he could freak them out! His beautiful fine hair is everywhere, all over his bed, the floor, his shirt. You can already see where it is thinning out dramatically. He still giggles when we talk about him being bald, he is so brave.


Jamie(Sister) said...

YES you are Joshua! You are really brave monkey butt!!!! I LOVE YOU!! And no more pulling your hair out. =( i miss all of your hair already dude!! You are sooo goofy sweet pea!! I cant believe... well i can that you are doing so AWESOME and your wbc is climbing and I know you will be home for Christmas monkey just keep kicking butt and having those good days. =) I love you and we will see you tomorrow k!! =)


Miss Laura said...

Wow Josh! 180 is great!!!! It won't be anytime at all and you'll be home again. You are really kicking butt against that nasty stuff!

Isn't it cool to pull your hair out - and you can't even feel it. When it grows out it will be thicker and healthier.

Love the pic of you and Christian. It's so cool that he and Jamie are close by and can visit often. I know how much you enjoy that.

Saw you looking at a Christmas catalog - imagine you picked some pretty fine stuff. Tell Jarrod, and your mom and dad I said hi. Love, Miss Laura

Gramma Linda said...

Hey Little Snuggle Monkey,

Great, fantastic and fabulous on the white count. Keep making those little guys and you will go home soon! You are so brave and strong; just like your Dad!

What a jokester you are pulling out clumps of hair for your visitors!!!!! You're having too much fun in the hospital. It's time to get that white count up so you can go home.

Give hugs and kisses to Jarrod, Mom & Dad, Christian and Jamie.

Love, hugs and kisses to you.

Gramma Linda