Thursday, December 25, 2008

Day 43 Update - 25DEC08 Merry Christmas!

Joshua on Christmas morning.
The LEGO masters at work...
Joshua having fun with Mom.
Jarrod stayed up late last night helping Dad out...
Jarrod is always asking me... now maybe we will find out :)
Jarrod with his new clarinet, he already sounds pretty good.

Christmas was special even though we were back in the hospital. We think the fever is from the new meds that he is taking but we will stay until we are sure. Lots of people came by to see us today. Lee's mom and dad brought yummy snacks this morning. Renee's mom and dad brought some great food from the Robelli's this evening. Jamie and Christian came by and brightened up our day. Jarrod and Joshua stayed busy making sure that no lego's languished in a box all by themselves. Jarrod treated us to several serenades with his new clarinet. Santa did indeed know where to find Joshua even with the last minute change of locations. Santa is really quite amazing, he managed to deliver gifts for Josh and Jarrod to several alternate locations as well just to make sure, and sneak into the hospital room without any of the nurses even seeing him.


Jamie(Sister) said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Look at all of the stuff you got Joshua and Jarrod!! Oh my goodness! i knew santa would find you joshy he is awesome!! andi am soo happy so see and know that you mom dad and jarrod still had a great christmas this year even though you werent at home!! all the family came to see you today and you tons and tons of presents from everyone!!! you and jarrod got all what you wanted!!! =) I got my I LOVE YOU!! =) I had a great christmas with the family today monkey and i couldnt ask for the best 2 little brothers in the world to spend it with/ =) I love the the new look wtih NOOO HAIR!!! HEEHEEHEE Well i will be sure to see you tomorrow k love bug. Keep up the great work you are doing WONDERFUL! =) LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD AND JARROD


Jamie(Sister) said...

OH yea and Jarrod you did a great job helping dad out !! you are a great helper!! =)

Roxy and Brandon Gandy (older Brother and sister) said...

Hey little man. I'll be coming by today to see you one last time before I head back to Georgia. Stay strong buddy! xoxo Roxy