Monday, July 27, 2009

Day to play... Day 257 27JUL09

These are the pics of me and the boys earlier today hanging out at the beach. Family showed up around 4. The boys had an absolute blast playing with all of their cousins at the beach and at the house. They were both worn out and sleeping early tonight!!

The pics are of all the kids, all the adults (my aunts, uncles and cousins) (some of them had left by the time we took pics) and the one on the beach is of the all the boys playing in the water!


Laura and Frank said...

What a beautiful family! I'm so glad you're all there and know that Lee is there in heart! It's nice to know you are surrounded by your huge family of love. Have a great day and can't wait for you to come home! Love, Laura

Nonna said...

Good Morning Snuggle Monkey,

How wonderful to have so much family surrounding you! I bet you and Jarrod had a blast with all the cousins - at least it looks like you did.

Keep having a fabulous time - rest, eat, play, laugh, enjoy life!

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Nonna said...

Hobie Cat,

You keep watching over Lee. You're doing a great job.



Jamie(Sister) said...

Awesome!! The sun is shinning!!! =) Looks like a beautiful day Joshy!! Oh my gosh look at how much fun you and Jarrod are having, thats great! You guys got to have some company to play with in the sand and water. =) Im glad you are having so much fun love bug and hope that sun keeps shining. =) I love the family pictures mom, hopefully ill get to meet them soon. They look like lots of fun and by then our little one will be crawling. =) love you tons and see you guys soon!!