Saturday, July 18, 2009

Go back to sleep!... Day 247 17JUL09

"Happy Birthday go back to sleep!" That's how my morning started out. Well, actually, Joshua had a bad dream and crawled into bed with us around crawled out and onto the sofa (he likes to hog the bed...Joshua not Lee). That's when Jarrod walked out of his room. Too excited about his birthday!

Jarrod had a great day. After he opened all of his presents, he built all of the Legos that he received. We then went to pick up his Ice Cream Birthday Cake and, of course, had to get a little sample for ourselves while we were there. In the evening, we went to Cameron's Birthday Party who shares the same day with Jarrod. The boys had a great time at an indoor putt-putt golf course. It was really cool and really fun.

Joshua had a great day as well. He is feeling great and had lots of energy.

Unfortunately, daddy had to work and missed most of the day with the boys, so we plan on having an all-day party tomorrow with lots of ice-cream cake and family and friends!!!

Sometimes, life can be really good. These are the "normal" days most people take for granted. Don't!


Laura said...

Birthdays are great! I'm so glad you had a good one and it will continue tomorrow, Jarrod. I know the inside putt putt had to be a lot of fun for you, Joshua and Cameron, not to mention your mom.

Renee, you are so right about living and enjoying the
"normal" days and living life to its fullest. What a blessing God gives us when he allows us to become parents. The picture of you with your sons is priceless!

I'm so glad to see all the pictures of Lego construction business. Love, Laura

Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

What a wonderful day you had! I am happy you got to enjoy all the festivities. And thank God for 'normal' days. You all need as many of them as you can get.

Hang tough Mighty Warrior - you are The Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Nonna said...

Hey Jarrod,

What will you do today now that you have put all your Lego creations together?

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kises,


Jamie(Sister) said...

YAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jarrod!! I bet you were so excited buddy! I wish we could have seen you on your birthday but we had to move.=( Im kind of glad that you didnt come help us because then you would have missed out on all the fun you had today!!;) When you told me what kind of ice cream cake you had gotten, oh my gosh i wanted some so bad. ;) It sounded so yummy in my tummy. I am very happy that you had a great birthday and that Joshua and mom were able to be home to celebrate it with you! I love you tons and hope the weekend brings lots more gift and fun! Oh and we have to give you yours once i get over this stinking cold. =(

Joshua i am also very happy to hear that you are having such a good day to love bug!! Keep those fingers crossed for MOnday!! Im sure that you counts have gone up alot since you ate all of that cake and ice cream. ;) Yummy.....
We will hope to see everyone soon. Love you!!

PS. Jarrod: your little niece says hi and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. She kicked me a whole bunch when i was on the phone with you, so i took it as her being mad at me for not telling you "she says happy birthday to. ;) ;)

Ann said...

Hurray for the "NORMAL DAZE", hope there will be a sting of them.Jarrod, I am wishing you a very Happy Birthday, and many more!