Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Typical Monday... Day 236 06JUL09

Today was a typical Monday. You know the phrase "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"? Well today it was true. Joshua awoke very restless and it was due to pain in his hips. I quickly found our nurse and asked what his counts were because sometimes the hip pain is from low hemoglobin. This was not the case however. His counts are on the rise and his hemoglobin has stayed the same. Neither good nor bad news.

Our next step was to try to give Joshua Tylenol or a heating pad. He opted for the heating pad because he just didn't want to have to take any more pills. I don't blame him. So at 8:30 am our wonderful nurse put in our order for a heating pad. By 1:00 pm still NO pad and Joshua was restlessly walking around and moaning. Our nurse had been calling every hour trying to get one and almost tackled the poor kid earlier because he had one but it was for a different room. So I decided to go get in the car, drive to the closest Walgreen's and buy our own heating pad. I had one in 15 minutes back in the room. I guess I could have complained and caused a big ruckus but my thought was "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff". So, after all this the heating pad finally arrived about 10 minutes later. Joshua decided to keep using the one I had bought but our nurse plugged in the other one anyways. After about 15 minutes, Jarrod noticed that the bed was wet. The hospital heating pads are filled with water and apparently the one we waited for all morning had sprung a leak!!!!!! Typical Monday!

I walked out of the room laughing and our nurse says "That's not funny!"

Oh yes it is!!!!!!

My thought on the day is people get too upset everyday over the littlest things. Yelling occurs, blood pressures get raised, temper tantrums, crying and sometimes fists fly.

I'm guilty of it. I've done it. But today I didn't. I've noticed that the little things don't bother me as much. We have been slapped in the face with cancer.

We have had our breathes taken out of us and knocked to the kitchen floor when the voice on the other end of the phone says your son has a large mass on his chest and we believe it is cancer.

It gives you a bigger perspective on life and the little things that used to bug you.....just don't matter anymore.

Joshua has had many disappointments in life and most of these have occurred in the last nine months. But, unbelievably so, our little guy wakes up everyday and keeps on going. We have tried to plan things for Joshua but they get cancelled because his counts are too low or he runs a fever and we are in the hospital. Joshua doesn't dwell on it. He knows that if he can go he will go. Camp is looming in the near future and we are still in limbo as to when or whether he can go. Joshua calmly tells me that it is OK if he goes late but my heart breaks when I can't give him what he wants, especially when it something especially for him. All he wants is to be a normal little boy again and cancer keeps reminding him that he is not.

Life is way too short to worry about the things that you can not personally control, so Joshua, Jarrod, Lee, and I will Laugh and Play and Live Life to the fullest whenever and wherever we can.


Nonna said...

Sweet Renee,

You are dead on the money and much too wise to be so young!



Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Sorry to hear the hips are hurting. I hope the heating pad made a comforting difference.

Glad to hear your counts are on the rise. I hope by the time you read this, they are very close to where they need to be.

Hang tough mighty warrior - you are The Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Jamie(Sister) said...

You boys are just so goofy. =)
Im sorry Joshy that you woke up in pain and it took so long to get a heating pad. I hope that the hip pain goes away soon. I love the picture of you and Jarrod walking together!!! Its a classic picture of a big brother walking beside his little brother helping him along this long road that you have ahead of you. =) Enjoy everything in life that makes you happy love bug! You, Jarrod, mommy and daddy are doing great at loving and enjoying every happy moment you guys have together. ;)


Miss Laura said...

Renee, you have the most amazing spirit and to see those 2 boys walking down the sidewalk together holding hands says it all. I knew you would always be a fantastic mom and thought I understood the strong faith you have - but to hear from your lips the truth about life just brings tears to my eyes. I am so proud of you and the woman/wife/mother/friend you are. I truly feel blessed to have you and your family in my life. Love, Laura

p.s. Josh, glad your Mom had the solution - she usually does, you know.