Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lucky little guy!... Day 235 05JUL09

The Doctor was unable to compute Joshua's ANC today because he essentially at zero. The one good thing about bottoming out is the only other direction is up. You would have no idea that his counts are so low, he acts pretty normal most of the time. Except...

He had a few meltdowns today, one because the kitchen made his grilled cheese sandwich with cheddar instead of american cheese. The other over the distribution of popcorn between him and his brother.

Both were resolved without incident and the world is again a good place.

The meltdowns are a sure sign that Josh is: A) Sick and tired of being in the hospital and B) His counts are lower than science can measure.

He did however get to do something today that made all of his brothers and me jealous.

While he and Renee were taking a walk around the hospital they happened upon the helipad where the Bayflite helo lives. The pilot was working on the helicopter and started talking to Josh. Turns out he is a retired Coast Guard helicopter pilot. He let Joshua come in and check out the helicopter up close. Lucky little guy. It was a real treat for Josh.

We spent the afternoon hanging out at the hospital. Jarrod played with Josh while I spent some time with Renee. Those two are so funny when they get going.

See what I mean.

Unless something rather miraculous happens in the next two days I am pretty sure Josh will either miss or be a few days late for camp. It is a frustrating way to live for all of us but especially for Josh. We never know what he will be able to do and even the best laid plans can come unglued rather quickly. So tomorrow is a new day and a new set of challenges to overcome. We are hopeful that his counts will reverse and start, like Bayflite, to rise up into the sky.


Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey!

How cool is it that you got to sit in the helicopter. What a really great guy the pilot is to let you do that!!!!!

So, rise mighty warrior. Make those counts soar to the skies so you can helio out of that hospital and to camp.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Jamie(Sister) said...

Oh my gosh you boys are something else!!! =) Thats soo stinky cool Joshua that you got to sit in the co-pilot seat of the helicopter.. =) Christian is so jealous. He says that it is no fair, he hasnt even got to sit in one of those yet. =) So make sure to rub that in his face next time you see him k monkey. ; ) We are keeping our fingers crossed and toes crossed about camp love bug!! Hopefully you dont get to miss it and the worst of it all is that you might be a few days late but you still get to go. Well see how those counts are doing. Well we love you tons and keep that big cute smile on your face k. See you guys soon.