Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dinosaurs and Hockey.. Day 332 10OCT09

If dinosaurs played hockey we would need bigger ice rinks.

Joshua had a busy day. He started off with a birthday party at Dinosaur World for his friend Preston. It was a lot of fun but man was it hot. We walked around after the party and looked at all the dinosaurs and it flat wore us all out. All of the kids were beet red and soaked by the time they finished playing. We retreated to the coolness of home for the afternoon to get a little rest and a lot of hydration.

After dinner we were off for the hockey game. We had been given tickets for tonight's game by the Children's Cancer Center and it included a meeting with #91 Steven Stamkos after the game. The Lighting played awesome and won 5-2. They scored two goals in under 30 seconds! it was a pretty exciting game and broke the curse I have brought to the previous games. Afterwards we went down under the stadium to meet Steven. He was a great guy and is only 19 years old yet is playing in the NHL. He played in Sarnia, Canada before he came down to Tampa which is right across the river from where Renee was born and where her family is from. He is a supporter of children's cancer and a good player to boot. He signed Joshua's jersey and the puck he got at the last game he went to.

Tomorrow is an auspicious day as Nonna is coming to town to visit! She will arrive right about lunchtime and we are all excited that she will be with us for a little while.

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Jamie(Sister) said...

Dude you guys had one busy day!! Looks like everyone had a fantastic day! =) Thats great Joshua that you are getting to do all of these fun and exciting things and that you are doing so great! =) Looks like you guys enjoyed the hockey game i see.... =)Awesome awesome!!
Yay Nonna is coming tomorrow!! Whoo hoo i bet you guys cant wait!!! I know we cant =)