Thursday, October 15, 2009

A little slower.. Day 336 14OCT09

Joshua took life a little slower today. The last few days have worn him down and he was feeling kind of run down. He spent the day playing and taking it easy.

I understand I missed a rousing game of Monopoly and a scrumptious home made lasagna dinner courtesy of Alyssa who was also the Monopoly champ for the night. I did manage to get a little lasagna when I got home and man was it tasty. Tomorrow is our last day with everyone here. They unfortunately are leaving for their own corners of the world tomorrow afternoon.


Ann said...

Hope counts are staying up there. Made a BIG turtle rescue from the pool. My pool monitor (Toby the dog)found him.

Laura and Frank said...

It's nice to sit and play board games. I never won at Monopoly so congratulations Alyssa for your win! Glad you took it a little easier for a day - it is really exciting to visit with family you haven't seen in a while. Love, Laura and Frank

Jamie(Sister) said...

Monopoly!!! Did you kick thier butts Josh?? Since you seem to do that with every game you play. ;) You are becoming the master at all of these games dude. Were just going to have make up some new game that youve never played before... ;)
It looks liek you guys had fun and that great that you and Jarrod got to have some fun with Nonna,Uncle Eric and Alyssa.