Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nonna's back in town.. Day 333 11OCT09

Oh yeah Nonna's back in town! I picked her up at the airport around lunchtime and whisked her back to the house where Joshua and Jarrod were waiting. They both had tons of things that they had been waiting to do with her. Joshua was waiting to build a robot. He managed to get it assembled and half painted. The rest will be finished tomorrow. Pictures to follow.

Jarrod put on his bakers hat and whipped up a delicious batch of oatmeal scothchies.

Evil cookies.

Impossible to eat just one.

Willpower fading fast.

Must resist...

Well, maybe just one more.

We had our usual Sunday dinner. Joshua took this picture to share this week.

The rest of the evening was spent playing games and mostly letting the boys show off all the skills they have developed since the last time she was here. It is great to have her back, she lives much too far away.


Laura and Frank said...

Welcome back to your family, Linda. I know Joshua and Jarrod will keep you entertained until the rest of the family gets there.
Have a wonderful time together.

Joshua, I want to see the finished robot and Jarrod, those look like some awesome cookies. Love, Miss Laura

Jamie(Sister) said...

Whoo hoo!! Nonna arrived safe and sound! =) Looks like you two are having fun building your robot. =) I like it. You guys did an awesome job Joshy. =) You are doing awesome dude and look at all of your hair! Its growing every day. =)