Sunday, October 25, 2009

LEGOLAND X 2... Day 346 24OCT09

Today was our second and unfortunately last day at LEGOLAND. The boys had another wonderful day running amok through the park. They had by their own count ridden every ride and visited every exhibit that they wanted to do or see.

We took a break in the late afternoon to come back to the hotel to get ready to go eat dinner. Tonight we were treated to a wonderful seafood feast by King's Fish House. The food was amazing and Joshua got not only his favorite crab legs but a grilled cheese sandwich as well. The crab legs were wonderful and we all ate too much again. Joshua named the lobster Lulu and wanted to keep it as a pet.

After dinner we scooted back to LEGOLAND for the brick or treat festivities. The boys had a great time and finished off their day with a ride on the Technics roller coaster. We came back to the hotel tired but happy and the boys took a dip in the pool before retiring for the evening.

Tomorrow we begin the long journey home but not without a suitcase full of LEGO's and a passel of wonderful memories of how happy Joshua was during his dream trip.


Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

I am thrilled you had such a good time. These memories will last you a lifetime and a half!

Hope you decided not to keep Lulu - she might not be a happy camper once you got her back to your house - and Ceasar might get a bit jealous.

Man, those crab legs looked delicious. Hope you got your fill.

Safe travels Mighty Warrior.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Jamie(Sister) said...

DUDE SO NOT FAIR!! =) You got crab legs and King crab legs to be exact!! Man i must say i wish i was there with you guys!!! =) All of that fun, excitement and yummy food.... ;) That pour lobster...=(

Another great day i see Joshua. You and Jarrod got to do and see all of the things you wanted, thats great buddy!!! I cant wait to see you guys and hear all about the fun! =) Have a safe trip home love you


Laura and Frank said...

What a wonderful truip for all of you to share together. I have been reading the posts everyday and so excited for the fun you are having in California. She is a great lobster, Lulu! Those crablegs that look fantastic. I love the miniatures from Legoland. What a great time you all had - I can see it in your smiling faces! Love, Laura & Frank

Scarlett said...

sounds like an amazing trip! I'm so happy that you and your family got to go to Legoland and do so many cool things. This is something you will always remember. Awesome!