Monday, October 26, 2009

Parts one and two... Day 348 26OCT09


Where I actually tell the story of our return trip from California while lucid and not sleep deprived.

The boys were really sad to leave California. Their time in Carlsbad was magical and full of fun and memories I am sure they will keep always. They also totally loved the weather and the landscape of the area. We all did. Joshua's limo came and picked us up for the half hour drive back to San Diego airport. Once we got to the airport it was a short wait before we boarded our first flight to Houston. We had a pleasant flight and a short wait in Houston before we continued on to Tampa. By the time we got to the Tampa airport we were all just plain tired of sitting down and we still had to drive home. All in all the trip back was good, no problems and smooth flights. The boys did remarkably well traveling and were a joy the whole time we were gone. It was wonderful to get away finally for a few days and just not worry about all the things we usually worry about. LEGOLAND was magical and we had the chance to really watch the boys be overwhelmingly happy for the first time in quite a while. Thanks so much to all the people who played a part in delivering Joshua's dream.

Mini-Josh and Mini-Jarrod at home.


Where I tell the story of today and how we had to hop right back on the cancer train.

We were awoken this morning by a call from a plumber my mother had called to deliver and install my birthday present. A brand new water heater! Not the normal kind of thing one receives for a birthday but something that was most definitely appreciated and I can scratch it off my wish list for at least 10 or 12 years.

Joshua and Renee left soon after to head to the clinic. Josh started another round of maintenance today and had to get an LP and chemo. More beads to add to his string. He also got to start another round of prednisone which means the nice Joshua will be on vacation for a few days more. The LP went well and his counts are good: ANC at 1500 and platelets at 200. As soon as he walked in the house he went straight to building the LEGO's we got him at LEGOLAND. Jarrod had been working on his most of the morning. They were heads down for the whole day, totally absorbed in the construction of their creations. The end results are amazing. It is wonderful to watch them as their minds whir and there fingers click and LEGO machines spring into existence.

So now we resume our "normal" lives, Joshua's dream trip has been realized. The memories burn bright.


Laura and Frank said...

Happy belated birthday Lee - I know you will get years of enjoyment from that waterheater. It's amazing as you get older and your parents ask what you want - it turns into a set of tires, new brakes for the car, or a hot water heater. Thank God for parents - which brings me to you and Renee'.

I watch the photos of you and your beautiful family and life is complete. Joshua and Jarrod have smiling faces and memories that they will never forget - even in the midst of this fight against cancer - Josh still smiles;) I think it's the love that he is surrounded with and the blessings from up above.

I'm sorry for the reason you received your vacation yet very happy you have all the memories for a lifetime. Love, Laura

Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Really cool LegoLand creations! Is Jarrod going to allow Ceasar to play with his truck?

Glad to hear your clinic visit went well and that your counts are good. You ARE the Mighty Warrior.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,