Friday, April 30, 2010

BEACH Day 4... Day 532 30APR10

Today was our fourth and final day at the beach! We had an amazing day! In the morning we took a walk on the beach and looked for shells, I could totally get used to being a beachcomber. Next was some fun time in the pool before lunch time. Joshua was swimming the pool end to end all by himself! His is turning into quite the little fish. Lunch and the early part of the afternoon were lazy time. The boys relaxed and Renee and I sat on the balcony looking out at the ocean. Although rain was forecast we never saw a drop and the weather continued to be very nice. After our little siesta we headed north to Westchase Golf and Country club to support the LLS during the SanPar Golf Tournament. We had a lot of fun! Joshua and I took a golf cart and drove around the course with him wearing his Boy of the Year sash. He said hi to all the golfers and stopped to thank the volunteers including a brother and sister who set up a lemonade stand in the side of the cart path and raised $245 for the LLS. He even got to drive the cart for a while and did really well, I think he is going to be a natural driver. Madison and her family were also there and together Joshua and her represented the LLS very well. Joshua and Madison both drew pictures that all the golfers signed and then they presented them to the two organizers of the tournament. The rest of the evening was really amazing, almost fairy-tale like. Joshua was given a brand new bike, I thought he was going to faint when they rolled it out and gave it to him. Madison got a Nintendo DSI which she had put on her wish list. As the evening progressed the people bid on different items and raised a ton of money for the LLS. Two gentleman in particular each gave $2000 dollars  in Joshua and Madison's honor and then gave both of the kids brand new HDTV's. We were all speechless!  We were awed by the generosity and caring that we saw from so many great folks. A huge thanks to all the  people who organized and participated in the golf tournament and raised a bunch of funds to help the LLS keep looking for a cure for the cancers that no child should ever have. 


Laura and Frank said...

Congratulations Joshua and Madison! You are truly great representatives for LLS and it's wonderful so much money was raised at the golf tournament for research for a cure.

Joshua, the smile on your face sitting on that Mongoose bike is absolutely priceless! The HDTV is just the best icing on the cake:)

I'm sorry your beachcomber days are over for now but know that every chance you have as a family you will be on the water (or in it).

You will now have to rest from your vacation.
Love, Laura and Frank

Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

What an awesome bike! Can't wait to see videos of you riding it once you get back home (hint, hint Lee). You and your family seem to have run head first into the most amazing and generous people.

I'm a little sad for you that you have to leave the beach but I'd bet my last dime you won't ever forget the time to spent as beachcombers.

Keep kickin butt Mighty Warrior. You are my Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Scarlett said...

Wow, Joshua! Nice bike!!! Maybe you can teach Hayden how to ride his! He's still having trouble, and I think he gets frustrated when Mom and Dad try to help him. I'm glad you guys had a nice time at the beach. It looked like a really nice little getaway.

Renee' said...

Hi Joshua... My name is Renee' and I work with Mike Sansone, who is one of the people that puts together the SanPar golf tourmament. Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of your and your family and wanted to introduce you to BaseCamp. Basecamp is an organization that hosts overnight camps for children with cancer and their siblings. Please visit for all of the events that we host. If you are interested in any of the events, please e-mail me at as we are hosting the May event on the 22nd... We'd love to see you and your family there! Good wishes - Renee'