Saturday, September 18, 2010

Candle light and Harley's… Day 674 18SEP10

Today was a great family day. Joshua and I woke up early when Taylor and Avery came to visit. Avery was getting ready to celebrate her upcoming birthday and her and her mommy were headed off to a wonderful day of shopping, bears, and Tea Houses.

 Taylor decided early that he would rather hang with his cousins. Do you blame him? When Lee and Jarrod woke up we got the boys ready and headed over to Mira Bay pool.  Thanks to our wonderful friends, The Harris', we had a great morning swimming and sliding down their awesome pool slide. 

After that we went home to grab some lunch and rest up for our evening out. The Children's Cancer Center was involved in the Bike & Poker Night up at the Shoppes of Wiregrass. There were lots of motorcycles for daddy to drool over and even a simulation game that helped teach new riders. It was sponsored by Ride Safe from Clearwater and I actually took a spin on it. Surprisingly I did very well. Jarrod and Joshua also had a go and did a great job too. Lee didn't try it our but maybe the boys have the riding gene from me? 

Joshua's friend James Taylor Curtis was playing as well. He and the Silver Eagle Band are a wonderful group of guys. Joshua was once again asked up on stage with the guys and help pass out candles for the memorial service which was held at the end of the evening for all those who have passed away from cancer. James introduced Joshua as a cancer survivor and you could hear the crowd sigh. It touches my heart to hear the people care so much for one little boy. The next thing we knew Joshua was surrounded by people and selling candles like crazy! As Kristen said to me, "Who can resist him?" She's right! 

On  side note, I would like to invite everyone to visit the bands website at  James recently recorded a song titled "Hush". All the proceeds from this song are going to the Children's Cancer Center. This organization means so much to Lee and I. They have helped us in so many ways and they are always there when we need them.   Also, I know we should have talked about this in the beginning but September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Please spread the word and make a donation or volunteer to any organization that helps children with cancer. There are so many out there! 

Thank you to all that keep a constant vigil on Joshua and our family. You inspire us everyday knowing that you are out there and you care. We know not everyone posts but believe me when I tell you that we can feel the love that is sent our way. 


Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Your Mom nailed it with her last sentence. Love is surrounding you from Newfoundland, Canada, all along the East Coast to California and back! I'm betting you're the most watched 8 year old in the country.

So happy to hear you are having a glorious weekend. Keep it up.

And keep kickin butt Mighty Warrior. You are my Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Jamie(Sister) said...

Beautiful Avery!! happy early Birthday pretty girl!! :-)

Awesome day Joshy!! Man swimming, sliding down slides and just having an all around awesome day!!!
That's great to hear you are doing good love bug :-)

Love you and see you soon.

Xoxo Love Jamie Allie Christian Bella and Spike