Monday, September 27, 2010

Full service… Day 683 27SEP10

Joshua got the full service option this morning starting with an early departure for clinic. First things first he got his port accessed and blood drawn for labs followed by results, which were good, and then his vincristine. This was followed by a short wait for respiratory to come and do his pentamadine treatment followed by another short wait for orders before setting off for the day hospital. He managed to work a little play time in between all of this as well. Not long after getting settled into his treatment room Jarrod and I arrived to hang out for a bit. Dr. Wynn and anesthesia arrived and we got under way. It amazes, and frankly frightens me, how normal all of this kind of stuff has become, just another day at the office and all that. I truly can't really remember what it felt like before anymore. Like way too many times before we trudged out as soon as he was asleep and headed off  to the waiting room for our short respite while Joshua got his LP and his IT methotrexate. The doctor came out a few minutes later and we went in to begin the "you can't get up yet" vigil at his bedside. He woke up after only about 25 minutes and was at least co-operative in not trying to move right away. After his short rest he got unhooked from al the gadgetry and we headed for home with Joshua insisting on a stop at McDonalds to break his overnight fast. The rest of the day went okay, not great, just okay. He was rather tired and a bit hard to handle a few times. We also get to start our favorite today… Prednisone is back in the house. So now follows five fun filled days of steroids induced stuff and such. I am hoping for relatively calm waters without any sudden squalls that blow up out of nowhere. We shall see…

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Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

What a trip you're on! I'm not happy to hear the monster may be lurking in the background somewhere. I just hope it has the decency to leave you alone this time.

It's awesome, in a weird twisted sort of way, that you are up to 21.3 seconds and eager to 'beat that record'. Amazing the things one learns to celebrate(?).

Keep kickin butt mighty Warrior. You are my Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,