Monday, September 13, 2010

Clinic and birds… Day 669 13SEP10

Joshua headed off to clinic this morning for his usual Monday finger stick and labs. His numbers came back just fine with his ANC a little over 2000 and everything else lined up nicely. After leaving clinic he an Renee stopped by the place where George works to pick up a present that he had for Joshua. It was  a very cool model of a Corvette. While they were there he asked Joshua is he wanted to come over to his house real quick and meet his birds Mariner and Remington. Joshua said they were really smart and very cool. He really enjoyed the visit and brought home two gorgeous feathers that the birds donated. The rest of the day was much less exciting with his teacher arriving soon after he got home and homework after. 

Jarrod went to see the pediatrician and found out that his throat is fine. He just has a canker sore in the back of his throat which will be gone in no time. While he was there she gave him a flu shot to help keep him well this autumn. So other than his arm being a little sore he returned no worse for wear. The rest of his day was consumed with his history lessons. We did get to spend a little time tinkering and made a neat LED power supply for his room out of old bits and an Altoids tin. He got a chance to try his hand at soldering and did quite well. He was very pleased with the results and i will try and get a few pictures of it in operation.

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Laura and Frank said...

Coo, meeting George's birds and a model of a Corvette! Your numbers are fantastic Josh and so glad!

Jarrod at least it's not strep throat and you know why it has been hurting. I can't wait to see pictures of the LED at work in your room. You are just too smart for words! Love, Laura and Frank