Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sick brother… Day 664 08SEP10

Joshua is doing good today, Jarrod on the other hand woke up with a fever and has been running a fever all day. Renee immediately donned her protective gear and began vaporizing germs all over the house. She even sanitized the ice dispenser in the fridge. We resisted the urge to put plastic over Jarrod's door and seal him in for  few days and instead gave him some fluids and medicine. It is, we have discovered, hard to handle a "normal" child when they are sick. All kinds of alarm bells are going off and then we realize that Jarrod is going to be fine. No rushed departure for the hospital needed. Funny how you get used to doing things so differently. He was still running a fever late tonight so we will check in on him frequently and see how he is doing in the morning. Our biggest concern, of course, is that Joshua might catch whatever bug Jarod is incubating. We will keep diligently sanitizing and resist the urge to take all fabric items out in the yard and set them ablaze. Hard surfaces are so much easier to sanitize.

Joshua met with his teacher today and had a good day doing school work which is encouraging. We still have a long way to go to get him re-integrated into school but even small steps are moving forward.

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Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

I am laughing so hard I can hardly type. I have visions of your Mom and Dad out in the back yard setting sheets and towels on fire!

I'm am sorry to hear Jarrod is still not feeling well and I sure hope whatever has attacked him leaves quickly and without spreading itself through the house.

Great news about your teacher. Hope she is smart enough to keep up with you.

Keep kickin butt Mighty Warrior. You are my Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,