Thursday, October 7, 2010

Go Bucs… Day 693 07OCT10

Joshua got a special gift today from Miss Laura that Renee picked up when she was in town today.

We boys spent most of the day together, Renee had a bunch of things to get done. We did school work both inside and outside along with several rounds of play. After Renee got back we rested a little before getting ready to go to family night at the CCC. Everybody is doing okay right now and beside a nice visit we had a yummy dinner from the Columbia restaurant. The kids played while we talked about issues facing the kids as they return to school. The path to getting a cancer kids needs met in school is rather curvy and at times obscured by weeds. All of us have questions and it helps to get them out where they can be discussed. It was a good meeting but we were all pretty tired by the time we made it back home so after quick showers the boys headed of to sleep.


Nonna said...

He Snuggle Monkey,

That's a pretty neat gift from Miss Laura. Will you hang it inside or outside?

Good news that everybody is doing well at the moment - just wish it would stay that way.

Keep kickin butt Mighty Warrior. You are my Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Laura and Frank said...

Hey Josh! Glad to see you with the Bucs banner. Mine is hanging inside over a window. I know the Bucs aren't doing the greatest yet this year but I have hope and faith. I really enjoyed spending some alone time with your mom yesterday. Your family schedule is so busy she and I don't get enough of that girl time we used to have when we worked together.

Jarrod, you are growing up so fast. I remember when you were as tiny as Josh and now you're a young man. I don't know if I like this getting older stuff. I mean it's OK for you guys to grow up but it makes me older and I'm not ready for that yet.

Hope you all continue to do well and will be happy when Renee's synthroid levels are perfect. She's getting too skinny.

Love, Miss Laura & Frank