Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New record achieved… Day 852 16MAR11

Joshua bested his record for how long he could stay awake before the anesthesia wins. His previous record of 24.1 seconds was eclipsed by his new record of 39.2 seconds! He even yawned right before he went under this time which he has never done before. The LP went smoothly and he was awake about an hour later. We had to go back to the clinic afterwards to get his Vincristine and his port de-accessed. All in all things went off without a hitch and he was headed for McDonald's, where he always stops to break his NPO fast, by two O'clock. Brandon and Roxie came over to visit a little while after we got home and stayed though dinner time. The boys had fun playing video games with Brandon and they even took him out for a little hockey instruction before it got too dark to play. We all wish that Brandon and Roxie were closer and could come visit more often. Maybe in the future. Brandon heads off for Georgia again tomorrow morning :(

Today also marks the beginning of another steroids cycle and Mr. Moody was already visiting this evening. Here's hoping the rest of the week goes by without any major eruptions from Mount Joshua :) We are scheduled to attend flight camp starting in Friday and it looks like the weather will be pretty accommodating. We went to the same camp last year without Jarrod and he is looking forward to a chance to go this time.

Jamie sent me these pictures of Miss Allie enjoying the sand at the beach and they are just too cute not to share.


Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Can't decide if I'm delighted or horrified over your new record! But I am glad to hear everything went well. Let's hope you can keep Mount Joshua from erupting this week.

And yes, Miss Allie is just too cute for words.

Happy to hear you got to spend more time with Brandon. Hope his trip home is safe.

Keep kickin butt Mighty Warrior. You are my champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Jamie(Sister) said...

Awesome Joshy!!! I'm so happy to hear everything went good and you got some yummy McDonalds afterwards. :-) Fingers are crossed that the "Monster" stays in the closet. Playing video games with Brandon hu....I'm sure you showed him all of the right moves :-) and in hockey too. We miss you guys and will see you on Sunday!!
Yay Jarrod you get to go to Camp this time!!! I know you'll have fun buddy :-) Love you and see you soon!