Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve… Day 1133 24DEC11

Well Joshua and Jarrod are thrilled! Christmas Eve has finally arrived and as I thought they started the hourly countdown at breakfast this morning :) It is so much fun to watch them be all excited and anxious. 

As a treat Jarrod and I went up to get in some ice time, just the two of us, since Joshua and I went to skate the other day. The rink was pretty empty and we had a really fun skate together. Jarrod is skating really well and he was working on his backwards cross overs today and doing a good job of it.

We headed home afterwards and got there just before my dad showed up to spend the rest of the day and the night with us. Renee prepared a wonderful dinner and set quite a pretty table for us to eat at. After dinner we all headed to the living room to watch a little tele before sending to very reluctant to go to sleep boys off to bed with strict instructions to not get up too early :) Not going to help but we tried… 

I am sure that like every Christmas morning in the past a small voice will ask us if we are awake just as the sun is rising somewhere over eastern China ;)

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