Monday, December 19, 2011

The week before Christmas… Day 1128 19DEC11

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house every one was walking on eggshells and being as quiet as a mouse for fear that the monster would soon be near… Joshua went to clinic this morning to get his counts checked which came back fine, his ANC was 2200 and everything else looked good. He got his port accessed and received his vincristine and then got his pentamadine breathing treatment. He also gets to start his steroids pulse today, he had 12 pills to take this evening.

Their was a little Christmas party at the hospital so Joshua and Renee hung out for a while to enjoy the festivities before heading for home. Jarrod and I meantime had  quiet morning together at home and got started on some projects around the house. Renee and Joshua got home just after lunchtime and started in on his school work while Jarrod and I worked out in the garage. Renee had to work for a little while this evening so the boys and I had a little dinner and then relaxed in front of the tele for a bit until she got back home. Tomorrow we have a bunch of running around to do until early afternoon and then we can come home and relax a bit.

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Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Good news on the counts. Holding my breath that you will be able to keep the monster in the closet.

Keep kickin butt Mighty Warrior. You are my Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,