Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 98 18FEB09

This was not one of Joshua's best days.

He slept until 11:00 am, right before I left for work. He was really tired.

He had a tough time with school today because he is having difficulty focusing his attention and remembering things. He was also complaining of aches and pains in his neck and his head and was generally in a pretty bad mood all day. I am pretty sure it is a combination of all the things that he had done to him on Monday. His legs are also still bothering him, symptoms similar to restless leg syndrome.

Joshua and Jarrod can really get on each others nerves when they want to, and today they wanted to. Which means they are no fun to be around. Renee had a tough day.

Tomorrow he goes to the clinic first thing in the morning to find out how his counts are doing. Hopefully he will be at a point where we can take him to camp tomorrow afternoon. We need good numbers for his ANC and Platelets or we may be forced to scrub another trip.


Miss Laura said...

Josh, I am so sorry you had a bad day today. It seems that can happen when all the crap they do to you finally hits your system. I'm praying for a better day tomorrow and hope you feel better.

Jarrod, I know it's hard sometimes to just try and get through the day when it's a bad one without driving each other nuts. Just try and remember it's the medicine they give Joshua that makes him act out and then you start up and Mom is wanting to pull all her hair out!

I want for all of you to be able to go away this weekend and have a fantastic time and really, really want a good report tomorrow for ALL of you. You deserve to put this fight aside for a weekend and have fun.

Renee, call me if you need anything and I'll be there. I love you all, Laura

Miss Laura said...

Jarrod - I'm sorry about how that last remark sounded - I didn't mean you had done anything wrong, buddy. I just remember when my three sons were all stuck in the house at the same time for any length of time, they ended up fighting over the silliest stuff. You're such a wonferful young man and sometimes people expect more and I (me, myself) have to remind ME that you're still a kid too. I hope I didn't hurt your feelings - because I know what a wonderful big brother you are and what a good son you are. This fight against cancer sometimes just makes every one crazy sometimes.

Miss Laura

Nonna said...

Hey Snaggle Snuggle Monkey,

Bummer day, huh? I hate that for all of you.

I'm keeping everything I have crossed in hopes that you can all pack up and go be Dudes for the weekend. And that the aches, pains and general yuck feelings will leave you alone.

Renee, hang in there sweet girl. Another day is on the way.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Nonna said...

Hey Jarrod,

I see your beautiful self behind your little brother. Hang in there big guy!

More Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Jamie(Sister) said...

DAY 98!!! WHOO HOO. Im sorry monkey butt that you had a bad day today. I hope tomorrow is alot better one for all of you!!! I love you Joshua you are doing a great job. Jarrod i know all brothers fight and argue and Josh is acting out because of his meds. So both of you try to be nice and if not if everyone is having a bad day then just stay to yourselves. heehee =) Well id try to but some times i just like to get on my brothers or sisters nerves. ; ) I love you guys and hope tomorrow brings gret news that yall get to go to the ranch and relax and have fun!! Miss you tons.


Miss Laura said...

off to the Dude Ranch - so glad I called your Mom and I know you will have the best time!

Laugh, play, sing, dance, ride horses, play golf, have fun!!!!