Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sticky business... Day 90 10FEB09

Today was at least uneventful. Jarrod and I worked on his math lesson, scary how all of the stuff you learned in seventh grade comes back to you pretty easy. I mean when I was there Grade VII was chiseled into the door. But come back it does and it gives you a chance to pass on the knowledge to yet another generation. My God! I really am getting old. Oh well, geometry is cool!

Joshua worked with Renee on his school work and had it knocked out in no time. His appetite is staying up this time and with the help of Zofran we are getting several good meals a day into his tiny little stomach. Every little bit helps him keep his counts from dipping to fast. He will be back at the clinic tomorrow for another CBC to see if he needs a red blood transfusion. 

This is what our daily dose of chemo looks like in case you were driving yourself crazy trying vainly to envision it in your mind. I know, nobody has really been trying to do that. But I thought I would share. We had to do a dressing change as well and Josh is doing much better with the whole evil sticky adhesive thing. 

Want to mold a kid to your will? Use Tegaderm. You might as well super glue saran wrap on your child. It is that hard to get off. I kid you not. You could patch a boat hull with this stuff.

For those of you who are lucky enough not to have to mess with such things, Tegaderm is a clear adhesive film that covers Joshua's port when he is accessed. We use a lot of Tegaderm.

We are experimenting with a new type of occlusive dressing to see if it comes off easier. It is something the pharmacist recommended. Hope it works...

 It used to feel really weird to give him his chemo, but now it is just another part of our daily routine this week.

I got a chance to escape for a little while tonight and catch a lightning game with my good  friend Dr. Jim. 

The game was good,

they skated,

they took shots on goal, 

we cheered,
they got bum calls from the ref,

we booed, 

they lost.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the Lightning team and their fans. You see, it seems every time I attend a game they lose. This has been going on for several years now. I am sure that they lose when I am not there as well but if I go, it is assured.

But it was still fun to watch. He has awesome seats! Center ice!


Jamie(Sister) said...

DAY 90!!! You had that awesome spaghetti =( i love mom and dads spaghetti, wish i was there. =) You look like you were enjoying it Joshy. The clinic again monkey, im sure you will do good. =) Ewww thats sticky stuff doesnt sound sound very fun Josh. It sounds like it hurts to come off? But hey you do great at everything so i know you do really good at letting mom or dad take it off. =) You are soooo brave! I am very proud of you. Man thats alot of stuff you have to take monkey. And you do it all with your spirits high and such bravery. =)

Awesome hockey picture! Ive only been to one hockey game and remember it was really cold in there. =)
I am very happy to hear you had a good day love bug that puts a smile on my face. Oh Jarrod you are a math wiz. or you are getting there. =) Hows all of the other subject coming along? All good im sure. Well i love you guys and see you in 2 weeks. =( =) I'll miss you but hey im sure i will live through it all. ; )


Miss Laura said...

Day 90 - wow and you're eating spaghetti! What a great fella to keep up the appetite. So glad you're keeping up on the homework as well.

I've had tagaderm - it's ok. Actually if your parents run short, I still have some in the closet - it never goes bad. I also have more rubber gloves if you need it.

Jarrod it's a good thing that I don't have to help with Your homework - I can't do algebra or geometry. 7th grade- holy moly.

Renee, today my granddaughter Laura is 14. When I talked to her on the phone last night all of a sudden she sounds so grown up - still has the same giggle - but amazed she is 14. Arizona seems a long way away right now.

Hope the blood count is good on Wednesday and everything goes well. I will call this evening. Love, Miss Laura

Nonna said...

Hey Snaggle Snuggle Monkey,

I am so happy to hear you are eating and I don't think anybody cares what you eat as long as you --- eat!

Will keep everything I can crossed today in hopes you don't have to have another transfusion.

Lee, Hasn't anybody shared with you the fact that it is too hot in Florida for ice? Glad you got a night out with Dr. Jim. He really is a neat guy and I hope to see him again although I would prefer another setting than the hospital.

Looks like your 'medical practice' is getting a bit sophisticated. When will you hang out the shingle?

Joshua and Jarrod,

Keep up the great school work. I am so very happy that you both have such a fabulous teachers! Just what you need to keep those sharp little minds involved and yearning for more.

Hope today is wonderful for all of you.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Renee said...

Joshua actually had a very eventful morning. Daddy was still sleeping so he didn't remember. Joshua went with Jarrod and I to St Anne's and received the Sacrament of Healing from a Franciscan Friar who was visiting doing retreats. He talked about people having special abilities like the ability to heal or the ability to listen. Joshua's special ability at the moment is being brave. He was very excited about having the Friar give him the Sacrament. It is actually the second one he has received. The first one was the first night in the hospital when Father John came to see him. Joshua believes in God and his healing powers. Call it what you will but Joshua's tumor was gone in three days after Father John's visit and even the doctors and nurses were amazed. Joshua often comments to me when no one else is around that he knows why he has leukemia. I ask him why and he says "God is testing me. To see how strong I am" and I respond " You are right sweety...and he's also testing mommy to see how strong I am..but sometimes I think you are the bravest with everything the doctors and nurses do to you.."