Thursday, February 26, 2009

No and Un-uh... Day 106 26FEB09

Joshua got a no and an un-uh today. No he currently does not qualify for next weeks chemo and un-uh we are not going to Universal Studios.

His ANC is down to 129. His HGB and Platelets went up to 7.9 and 169 respectively and are doing okay.

He was pretty bummed about not being able to go on Saturday. We hate having to tell him that because of something he absolutely cannot control he is not going to be able to do things. We often have long discussions and weigh the risks of taking him out in public. 

Caution always prevails.

Josh was really tired again today. He fell asleep cuddling with me on the couch early this evening. We are watching him rather closely this week because this is the period where somnolence could affect him. Somnolence can be a side effect of the cranial radiation that he got six weeks ago. He may sleep for long periods of time for several days. Yesterday was the six week mark, so we will see what happens.

New short term goal for Joshua is to get his ANC to 750  by Monday so he can qualify.


Jamie(Sister) said...

DAY 106. =( Im sorry monkey. I know i hate hearing this kind of news when we know you have your hopes up for something like Saturday. =( But hey look at the bright side monkey you get to catch up on your rest and i know mom and dad will plan something fun for you and Jarrod to do on Saturday to make up for Universal. ; ) I love you and i know you will get that count back up soon Joshua. You always manage to. =) I hope that that side affect of the radiation doesnt come when your counts are low much less come at all. Just keep your head up monkey butt and stay giving that big happy smile we love.
YAY we are leaving tomorrow thank god. ; ) Well we love you guys and keep doing an awesome job at kicking butt. Mom dad and Jarrod keep doing a great job at what youre doing as well. =)


Miss Laura said...

So sorry that Universal is out of the plans this weekend:( but it will be there. It's more important for you to get stronger again, Josh, and be able to kick more cancer butt! Jarrod I'm sure you can become "Chef Jarrod" and come up with some tasty items to nibble on. We love you. Laura & Frank

Nonna said...

Hey Snaggle Snuggle Monkey,

I am so sorry that you are not able to go to Universal Studios this weekend. Big time bummer!!!You must be very disappointed.

I do hope your counts get where they need to be by Monday.

Keep fighting Monkey Warrior - you are so brave and you can kick that old cancer butt into a black hole.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,