Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 99 19FEB09

Jarrod turned our kitchen into a commercial bakery/industrial accident site this morning.You could have run a city off of his enthusiasm. He loves to bake stuff! I must admit that the house was swirling with the most delightful essence of cinnamon all morning like a fragrant fog rolling in off the ocean. The results of his labor. Delicious.

Joshua started off the day with a platelet count of 29, much lower than it was on Monday. The nurse said either the transfusion he got didn't take or that the PEG really knocked it down. So he gets another transfusion of platelets today. Another bag of cells donated by a faceless, nameless person that will keep him alive. His ANC is up to 990 which is a good improvement from Monday.

We are on our way this afternoon to River Ranch in central florida for 4 days of fun at a real dude ranch. We will be blogging as we can.


Jamie(Sister) said...

DAY 99!!! YAY!!! To the Dude Ranch you go!! Awesoem Joshua!!! I know mom dad and Jarrod are super sycked!!! And i know you and Jarrod love baking its your specialty. =) I am sooo happy for you guys. Make sure you have tons and tons of fun and take tons of pictures i wanna see them!! Mom and dad relax. Enjoy the time you are able to. =) Love you guys and miss you tons. Joshy and Jarrod you have to tell me all abou the fun and exciting things you get to do!! Talk to you soon. Love you oh and guess what tomorrow is .......... DAY 100!! You are doing an awesome job. =)


Nonna said...

Chef Jarrod,

What a delightful array of goodies! Hope you are taking some with you for the weekend.

If I get an oven, would you come to my house and bake?

Hope you have fantastic weekend.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,