Monday, February 9, 2009

We are on that slippery slope again. Joshua's ANC is down to 640 and his RBC and hemoglobin are right on the edge of transfusion land. We knew his counts were dropping, he always gets cold and can not warm up when he starts getting low. His energy levels are still good so they are holding off for now on the transfusion. He will go back Wednesday to get another CBC and see what his counts are then.

His chemo was quick and he said getting his port accessed was no big deal this time. He told me before he left for the hospital, "I am not going to cry today when they access my port." He is such a brave little guy. I think his t-shirt about sums it up. It reads, "Danger is my middle name."


Jamie(Sister) said...

DAY 89. =) Well you had a good day monkey? WOW you are very strong and brave!! Thats why you are a super heroe and you are a warrior! =) Cute shirt Joshy wish that you never had a shirt like that but hey you do and you are showing to everyone that you are kicking butt and doing all that you can, which is a wonderful job!! =) Im sure you will get that count up again love bug you are great at that right when it gets to low you always bring it up just in time. ; ) Well i love you and hope you get some sleep tonight and have a good Wednesday monkey. Oh we are leaving for GA on Friday. I will miss you and the gang, you have to keep everyone sane okie dokie smokie. ; ) I love you and you are doing GREAT!!!!! =)


Jamie(Sister) said...

You know what my goofy butt thought that you had a ''CANCER'' shirt on. oh goodness so disregard me saying i wish you never had that shirt!!! hahahaha well night Joshy. Love you =)

Nonna said...

Hey Snaggle Snuggle Monkey,

Bummer to hear your counts are going down again. Can't tell you how much I wish you didn't have to ride this particular roller coaster!

Your bravery continues to put me on my knees. I know other people who are fighting cancer and they are nowhere near as brave and cheerful as you! Must be because you are such a might warrior!

Keep kickin that nasty old cancer in the butt - make it go away and stay away.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,