Saturday, August 29, 2009

18,250 Days!... Day 290 29AUG09

Can you imagine spending 18,250 days with someone? That equates to 438,000 hours. It also equals 50 years which is how long my parents have been married as of today. What a wonderful milestone to reach in their relationship!

We were lucky enough to celebrate their special day with them along with Christian and Jamie, Brandon who flew in from Atlanta, and Marcia and Aaron who came in from Columbus. We had a wonderful dinner and evening. Pictures to follow as soon as I can get them off of my parent's camera.

After convening at their house we were whisked off to dinner in a stretch Hummer limo which the kids just loved. They asked if we could sell our cars and get the hummer instead. We told them that while it was a cool idea they are just to hard to park. Dinner was at CK's which is a restaurant on top of a hotel that rotates once an hour while you eat so the view always changes. The food was great. Of course now the kids want a house that rotates and I heard them busily deciding how it would work later in the evening. Afterwards we all went back to my parent's house for cake. The cake was a recreation of their original wedding cake that Renee did by hand, it was even topped by the original bride and groom cake topper. Besides being beautiful it tasted really good. It was wonderful to spend time with all of the family, we are so rarely all together anymore flung to the four corners as we are.

Joshua did really good, he was pretty tired when we finally got home but is holding up well. He is still coughing a little but his fever has subsided. We will rest tomorrow and then be back in the clinic on Monday for counts and more of the dreaded Vincristine.


Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Cool beans! A stretch limo Hummer. I bet that was fun. And I think Mom and Dad ought to trade their cars for one. Instead of worrying about parking, they could just hire a driver and let her worry about it! I like the idea of a revolving house too. Bet you and Jarrod could design and build one without any problem.

So happy to hear you all had a wonderful time celebrating Grandma and Grandpa Gandy's very special anniversary. Can't wait to see the pictures.

I hope that nagging cough leaves you very soon and tomorrow's labs are good. Drats on the Vincristine but I guess that just's a part of your life at the moment.

Hang out with Dad and the Hammockians today. I hear it does wonders for the spirit.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kises,


Jamie(Sister) said...

It was AWESOME!!!! All though i had some difficulty getting in and out of the limo with my big belly. ;) I loved all of it, or should i say "WE" all loved it very much. =) And happy anniversary grandma and grandpa Gandy. =)
The food was great, the moving floor was super cool and we loved being around the family. =)

I hope that little fever and cough goes away soon monkey butt. I dont want you to have it for the disney trip. =( But hey im sure you will kick its butt so hard that it wont want to come back for along time. ;) Well we find out our news on Monday, so we will just have to share our news if you share yours with us. ; )

ps i loved the cake mom you did a great job!