Sunday, August 30, 2009

We're Back... Day 291 30AUG09

Joshua is back in the hospital. He started to run a fever again today and his cough has been getting worse. When he hit 100.8 we called Dr. Tebbi and packed.

We got to the hospital around 9:00 and settled into our room. Josh got his port accessed, blood drawn, urine sampled, will get x-rays and probably a CT scan tonight and we will wait for results. Hopefully this will be one of our short visits, we have places to go people! We would have been at the clinic tomorrow for chemo anyway so he will just get his Vincristine on the TCA. Right now we are desperately hoping for negative cultures, good blood work results, and clear scans.

With any luck, which he so deserves, this will be a two maybe three day thing and we will be out in time to get ready for Rock Camp at Disney. In the meantime we are officially back in gypsy mode...


Nonna said...

Hey Snnugle Monkey,

Can't tell you how sorry I am that you are back in the hospital. That piece of news just plain BITES! I am hoping like crazy that this is a very short stay. I know how much everyone is looking forward to Rock Camp. You've already missed so many things since your world got turned upside down and inside out.

Hang tough Mighty Warrior - you are The Champion butt kicker.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Laura and Frank said...

Joshua, so sorry you are back in the hospital - those nasty germs need to just go away so you can go to Disney camp this weekend!

I bet it was so cool to ride in the Hummer Limo and can't wait to see the photos. Thinking of you,
Love, Laura and Frank

Scarlett said...

We are sorry to hear you're back in the hospital. Hopefully it will be a short stay. There must be a little bug going around here lately. Just in the past day or so, both Hayden and Isaac have gotten runny noses. So anyway, get better quick so you can have a great time at Disney! Hope to see you again soon. Hayden says hi!

Scarlett Truong (Hayden's Mom)

Jamie(Sister) said...

Nooo! =( Joshy i am doing the cold dance for you and hoping that that darn cough goes away soon. =( Lets keep our fingers crossed and pray that the antibiotics do their job very quickly before Friday!!!! ;)You are doing great Joshua keep up the fight and kick this cough and fever in the butt k dude!! ;)

And Guess what.......... You and Jarrod will be uncles by this weekend!!!! Oh and make sure you bring your video camera so that you can take a video like you wanted! I cant wait for her to come! The doctor says that she will be here by Friday morning. So then you,Jarrod mom and dad can see her before your disney trip!!
We are super duper excited!! =) Well i love you tons and see you soon. =)