Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Did someone say school this week?... Day 287 26AUG09

At least Joshua got one full day of school in before he decided to run a small fever. Yes, that's right, sometime in the past week he caught a bug. He came home yesterday so excited about school and by last night he had coughed about 14 times. How do I know that? Because when your child that has leukemia sneezes or coughs you pay attention. He woke up at 6:30 not feeling well so I personally went to the school to speak to his wonderful teachers this morning. About mid-morning he started to run a low grade fever of 100.2. As most of you know, at 100.4 we make the call! I have taken his temp every hour or two today as so far so good. Tonight he will sleep out in the living room close to us and we will watch his temp. In the morning We will take him to the clinic to get his counts checked. If he is fighting off a virus, we want to make sure that his counts have not dropped. So much for the first week of school. We gave it our best shot, especially Joshua. He absolutely loved being at school on Tuesday, seeing his friends and learning the new routine. He loves his teachers and can't wait to be able to make it back into the classroom.


Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Boo...Hiss... Sorry about the fever. Hope it goes down and not up. Nobody wants you to spend more time in the hospital.

But I am very happy you got in one day of school. I'll bet it made you one happy camper to be back among all your buddies.

I've got my fingers crossed that your labs are good enough to keep you home!

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Laura and Frank said...

Those nasty germs - most people don't realize they are carrying them. I'm so sorry you were exposed to them.

I hope your counts are up, the fever goes away and no hospital stay for you. Love, Laura and Frank

Jamie(Sister) said...

Aww Joshy. =( Thats sucks buddy. I hope you dont have a virus. If you do i hope that your counts are high enough for you to fight it with no problems. =)
Well at least you got one day of school in this week bud. You got to meet everyone and have a great day! =) Im sure you will fight what every little thing you have off and hopefully you get back to school in no time! =) Keeping my fingers crossed love bug k.

You little niece might be coming next friday the 4th! But we will find out for sure on monday! =)