Saturday, September 12, 2009

Duck weather... Day 304 12SEP09

Today was a day perfectly suited for ducks and other web footed creatures. It has rained almost non-stop for most of the day. Joshua is still stuck with his ANC only up to 128 today. At least it went up a little. Tomorrow they are going to run another specialized blood test to see if he is handling the Dapsone that he takes okay. A lot of kids get cyanotic when taking Dapsone and Josh has been looking a little pale lately so Dr. Obzut just wants to check and see how he is doing. Today marks a week in the hospital and Joshua is definitely starting to get stir crazy. I am afraid we are still several days from getting him back home.

Christian, Jamie, and Allie

Uncle Joshua

Grandma loves her Allie

Allie and Jamie are doing great and will get to go home tomorrow. Joshua got another day pass and we went to visit this afternoon. Joshua is already a wonderful uncle and really enjoys holding and talking to little Allie. He has so much that he will be able to teach her as she grows up, he is already wise far beyond his years. Jamie asked me to say hello to everyone. I think she is suffering from blog post withdrawal. Up till now she has never missed a day leaving a comment. I am sure she will get caught up after she gets settled safe and sound in her own house.


Nonna said...

Hey Uncle Snuggle Monkey,

You tell Jamie not to worry about not posting on the blog. She has her hands full right now with an absolutely beautiful bundle of joy.

Sorry to hear you won't get sprung anytime soon. Try not to get too stir crazy - your imprisonment can't last forever.

I am hoping your counts start to skyrocket today so you can get back into the world.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


ps Tell Jamie and Christian I have never seen a more beautiful little girl in my entire life. I can't wait to hold and kiss her.

Laura and Frank said...

Waht a wonderful picture of the proud parents and Allie! So glad everything went well and you're only across the street adn can sneak for a visit - but sure hope you get to get home soon. You can only shoot so many people with nerf guns. Take it easy! Love, Laura

Jamie(Sister) said...

WHOOHOO!! BACK HOME. =) I love our new little life. =) She is gorgeous and i love every bit of her being. She loves her Uncle Joshua and Jarrod very much. =) She cant wait to get old enough to play with you guys!
Thank you for everything. You guys are great. Allie loves her grandma and grandpa! Well we are all settled in at home and have our hands full. ;) Love you guys tons and see you soon.