Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's A Girl!!... Day 302 10SEP09

It is my great honor and privilege to welcome Allie Nichole to our family. Our first granddaughter was born at 12:17 and weighed in at 8bs 15 oz. She is truly beautiful and a wonderful addition to our clan. Jamie did wonderfully and is healing and resting well. She wanted me to thank everyone for their support and all the wonderful things that helped get her and Christian ready for this momentous day. Allie is the picture of health and is doing great tonight. We all got a chance to go and see her briefly this evening. The reality of becoming grandparents is still quite new to us but it feels good. Allie is also blessed with five great grandparents, two great uncles, three great aunts as well as a great great grandmother. That's five generations folks! Wow!

Uncle Joshua

Uncle Jarrod

Great Grand Pa

Great Grand Ma

We are very proud of Jamie and Christian and know that they will be amazing parents and unwavering caretakers of their new treasure.

Joshua and I had a good night last night. The morning could have been a little better... We got a rather early wake up call by Dr. Tebbi who pronounced that Josh was going to need another transfusion of red blood. His hemoglobin counts had slipped too close to the refill mark. As Dr. Tebbi put it, "Josh has frequent flyer miles with the blood bank." The transfusion went off without a hitch and Joshua did not have any allergic reactions. He is still holding on to a low ANC (it was only 128 today) so coming home is not an option anytime soon. With luck, and if he follows course, he should start to turn around in a day or so. I am hoping that we can get him home for the weekend.

The newness of a baby's life is something that always pulls strongly at my heart strings. The wondrous splendor of the architecture of a newborn reminds me that although there is much ugliness in the world there is perfect beauty in the universe. Amidst the cacophonous din of the world a newborn is a perfect note sounded clearly. Welcome to our world Allie! Your note is crystalline and rapturous! Remember always that we love you.

Proud Grand Parents!


Jamie said...

Hi!! My names Jamie, im 23 years old. I just found your blogspot. I just wanted to let you know that Josh is in my prayers. I was an outpatient at Childrens Hospital for 21 years, and now I have been volunteering there for three years, and hope to continue for a long time. But, I get to play games with patients, and see a lot of cancer patients. I just wanted to let you know though, you are in my prayers and thoughts. :) Oh, heres my blogspot if you want to see. I just update my family a lot, and put a lot of fun videos sometimes. Nothing special. Oh, don't forget!! September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!!

Nonna said...

Hey Uncle Snuggle Monkey!

What a beautiful little niece you have! She is absolutely and perfectly gorgeous and I cannot wait to meet her, hold her, kiss her, talk to her and touch her all over.

Tell Dad he has got to get pictures of Allie with her Mom and Dad.

I hate you are still in the hospital but I'm also glad you are so close to Allie and can just pop across the street to visit. Give her a bunch of kisses for me when you go see her again.

Keep kickin butt Mighty Warrior - you are The Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,

Nonna (and a very proud and happy Bisnonna)

Laura and Frank said...

Congratulations to the Gandy/Peters Clan on a new baby! She is beautiful, of course, and I do love those chubby cheeks. Josh, I know you and Jarrod will be wonderful uncles to this little angel! To hear her little cry was amazing. God does do wonderful things with our lives and the blessing of a baby is an extra special one.

To the very proud and exhausted parents, Jamie and Christian, we congratulate you on a job well done and know that you will be wonderful parents just by the example you have from your own.

Love, Laura and Frank

Scarlett said...

Gorgeous baby!!! She's absolutely perfect. Congratulations to all!