Wednesday, September 9, 2009

IVIG and the Jonas Brothers... Day 300 08SEP09

Today marks 300 days that we have been fighting cancer. It seems like 3000.

Joshua got his first IVIG transfusion this afternoon without any problems He was pre-medicated to hep avoid anaphylactic reactions and it worked. It was a nail biting experience for the first hour and a half as he was checked every fifteen minutes as they slowly ramped up the transfusion rate. It is not much fun to sit and wait to see if your child will all of a sudden turn bright red or begin having difficulties breathing. But Joshua manage to get through it without any ill effects so far.

While he was getting transfused a special gift arrived for him. A hat signed by all three of the Jonas brothers! It came thanks to an organization called Caps for Kids. Joshua was really excited. Thanks to Caps for Kids and to the Jonas brothers for their kind gift!

No fever today but his counts are still dropping and he probably won't be getting released anytime soon. We remain a family divided.


Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Really cool hat you got!

Happy to hear the IGIV went without a hitch. Even happier that I didn't have to be there to watch and wait. Your roller coaster ride is getting to be a bit overwhelming. But you stay strong, you always produce a smile, you are always (well, almmost always) happy and on top of the world. What a phenomenal warrior you are!

Keep on keepin' on Mighty Warrior - you are The Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Laura and Frank said...

Cool Cap kiddo! So glad you didn't start turning colors with the procedure. IGIV sounds like "I give" which in it way it does - it gives you something yuor body needs right now to get better. It is so cool to see that smile still on your face - day 300 - and you're smiling. You are my hero! Love, Laura & Frank

Jamie(Sister) said...

Day 300!!
Whoo hoo a hat signed by all of the Jonas brothers!! Thats pretty cool Joshy!! =) I bet you were super excited.
Transfusion time hu.... that doesnt sound very fun love bug. I am very happy to hear that you handled it well with no side affects. =) Thats our strong warrior! Keep up the awesome work monkey butt, k.

Well we have some awesome news finally!!!......Thursday is the big day!!!! YAY I am getting induced around 6 in the morning on Thursday and i am going to try to get her out natually and if not then a C-Section. But either way she is coming out for sure!!! =) So Uncles,Grandma,Grandpa,Great Grandmas and Great Grandpas hope youre ready!!! =)