Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nerf Wars... Day 307 15SEP09

Joshua and Preston had a huge nerf battle this morning at the hospital. Bystanders described it as a hail of nerf darts raining down from all sides. Preston was in for clinic and brought all his nerf gear so he and Joshua could play.

Josh was supposed to get his first pentamidine treatment today but it was postponed until tomorrow. Hopefully it will go well and not take too long. This is the third drug they have tried as a prophylaxis against pneumonia. The first two had undesirable side effects, not that there are truly desirable side effects, so they were discontinued. But as they say the third time is the charm. Hope whoever they are know what they are talking about.

Another day pass was granted and Josh and Renee scooted on home for a while. It is a crazy life that we lead, all these comings and goings. While he was home this afternoon Josh got a visit from his new homebound teacher who will come in a work with him each week. It will be good for him to get back on a regular schedule of schoolwork, keep his brain exercising.

As his ANC only climbed to 128, although that is twice the one from yesterday, he is still stuck in the all too familiar holding pattern. With luck he will double tomorrow and keep doing so.


Nonna said...

Hey Uncle Snuggle Monkey,

Keep climbing! One step at a time. I hope your counts will begin to skyrocket today and you can go HOME.

Love the nerf get-up. Looks pretty cool.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,


Jamie(Sister) said...

Man you and Preston look like you are having lots of fun with those nerf guns Joshy!! He seems like a really fun friend to have. =)

Yay your counts are starting to go up! Thats great Josh. They might be taking their time but they are finally climbing. =) I hope that the new meds do some good and cant wait to see you guys Thursday and see my Bella!! =) Well love you tons monkey butt and see you soon