Thursday, December 2, 2010

Family day… Day 749 02DEC10

The boys and Renee headed in to Tampa to day to spend some time with my dad. Jamie and Miss Allie also joined the party. They got his house decorated for Christmas and got an old train set of ours up and running again. I know my dad enjoyed their company and all of their help. This evening we met up at the Children's Cancer Center for family night. The food was good and we had a great chance to just wander around and talk to different parents and catch up on how things have been going. It is always wonderful to be able to share all the different moments that define cancer life with others that understand. I had a really great evening and even got to have a fun time with Jarrod coming home.

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Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Sounds like all of you had an excellent day. Spending time with family is always the best time.

Delighted to hear your Dad and Jarrod had a fun time on the way home. But then - how could you not have fun with Jarrod?

Keep kickin butt Mighty Warrior. You are my Champion.

tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,