Friday, December 10, 2010

Lights... Day 757 10DEC10

Tonight was our night to head off to Mira Lago to judge the Christmas lights around the neighborhood. We left the house right after dark and headed off to the Mira Lago community which is a short distance south of here. When we arrived they were ready and waiting for us. The boys and Renee hopped into the Brighthouse PT Cruiser and I hitched a ride with one of the event organizers. We drove from house to house getting out each time to properly experience the full impact of the decorations. The houses were all very nicely decorated with some of them approaching amazing. At each house the boys assigned the decorations a score of 1 to 10. At the end of the tour of homes we had a 3 way tie. We had a quick family meeting in the back of the PT Cruiser and decided on a winner. The house that ultimately was declared the winner was incredible with lights everywhere, a manger scene, a train set driving around a tree in the driveway, icicles in the trees, it just went on and on. All the people in the neighborhood that we met were very nice and a lot of thought and preparation had obviously gone into preparing for tonight. The boys are looking forward to going back tomorrow night during the festivities that are planned. When we got home we settled in to watch the hockey game which was a late start since the lightning are in Edmonton. Joshua was the first to head for bed followed by Renee and then finally Jarrod. So here I am all by myself watching the Lightning battle it out in overtime. Joshua wore his lucky shirt to bed to help his guys win. Hope it works:)

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Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

I bet the Mira Lago light show was spectacular. I'm certain you and Jarrod were the best judges possible.

Sure hope it worked wearing your Lightning shirt to bed.

It was awesome to be able to "see" you last night, I look forward to many more visits.

Keep kickin butt Mighty Warrior. You are my Champion.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses,