Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lightning Strikes... Day 389 06DEC09

After the events of yesterday the boys slept in until almost noon. Apparently they didn't get much sleep at camp the night before.

We spent a quiet late morning at home and then we headed off to the Lightning holiday party we had been invited to attend. When we arrived we found our names at the table we were supposed to sit at. Each family is adopted by one of the Lightning players and they give the kids gifts and spend the afternoon with them.

Who was our player you ask?

None other than Steven Stamkos #91 who is Joshua's favorite player of all! It was sheer luck that he was given Joshua as his kid this year. Joshua was thrilled!

Steven is a wonderful guy and took great care of Joshua. He also brought Joshua his favorite thing. LEGO. Jarrod's favorite gift by far was the Nerf N-Strike Elite game for the Wii. He refused to even put the box in the trunk on the way home instead opting to hold it in his lap. As soon as we walked in he got it set up and started playing. Joshua went right to work on his LEGO building. Gone were the sad children from the night before, both of them replaced by happy children having loads of fun.

So a big heartfelt thanks to the Children's Cancer Center, The Lightning Foundation, and our #1 hockey player Steven Stamkos!!!

You guys rock!


Laura and Frank said...
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Laura and Frank said...

I misspelled Stamkos' name in the first post. The Lightning rocks and looks like you guys had a great time at the party.

Love, Laura and Frank

Jamie(Sister) said...

SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!! That is so cool!!! Made up for the crappy time at camp!!! More legos!!! Whoo hoo!
Wow you got your favorite player..... Thats great Joshua! I am so happy that this made up for camp. =) I love that you and Jarrod are getting close with the hockey team and you some famous people.. ;) You guys look so happy to be there! I love the big smiles on your faces. =) Cant wait to see you guys!!!

Ps mom i love the hair cut you look so much younger!! =) No where near your real age ; )

Nonna said...

Hey Snuggle Monkey,

Stamkos is SUPER! How lucky can you get!!!!! What a party you had. I am so glad.

Keep kickin butt Mighty Warrior.

Tons of Love, Hugs and Kisses



AWESOME!!!!!!! COULD U OF ASKED FOR A BETTER GIFT THAN GETTING YOUR FAV PLAYER!! :) looks like u will be busy putting together ALL those cool legos sets, preston wasnts to come over and help!!! :) hugs and kisses